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To keep Republicans from pushing our economy off a cliff we need a strong local campaign with a powerful national impact. Can you contribute $5, so we can call out vulnerable Republicans for threatening to crash our economy to keep the rich from paying their fair share?

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Dear MoveOn member,

Can you help us stop Republicans from pushing the economy off a cliff August 2 by failing to lift the debt ceiling?

A plunging dollar.1 Crashing markets.2 A huge increase in unemployment.3 A stop to Social Security and veterans' checks.4 All that is being risked by Republicans to protect tax breaks for the rich and corporations. 

We can't campaign against every Republican all at once. But if enough of us contribute, we can have a big impact on the most vulnerable Republicans right with their own voters.

These "bellwether Republicans" stand at the edge of defeat at the next election. We can push them over that edge by telling their voters how they're siding with the rich and big business against everyone else. That will show every vulnerable Republican, and the party leadership, how politically destructive their radical position is.

So, we're launching a hyper-targeted campaign on these bellwether Republicans that includes viral video and an advertising campaign in production right now. Our media buyers are poised to book spots depending on what we raise.

Can you donate $5 to keep Republicans from pushing our economy off a cliff?

Who are some of these bellwether Republicans?

  • Rep. Joe Walsh (IL 08) won in 2010 by a razor thin margin of 0.2%;5
  • Rep. Blake Farenthold (TX 27) won his seat back by a bare 0.8%;6 and
  • Rep. Chip Cravaack (MN 08) squeaked by on 1.6%.7 
For these Republicans, and others like them, shifting just a few thousand votes can have a big impact. But by acting together, as a movement of millions, we can do much more than that.

They say all politics is local, so that's exactly where we're going, by tailoring videos and ads to vulnerable Republicans—by name.

It's painstaking work, but worth the effort if we can raise enough money to make vulnerable Republicans hear their own name called out on the airwaves for protecting the rich and damning everyone else. And put the fear of defeat into every Republican thinking of crashing our economy.

Can you donate $5 to call Republicans out for pushing our economy off a cliff?

Thanks for all you do,

–Daniel, Wes, Elena, Peter, and the rest of the team


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