Friday, July 8, 2011

Our democracy isn't working

We're putting our heads together to choose the best ideas for a plan to create an economy that works for ALL of us—a new "Contract for the American Dream." Today we need as many of us as possible to rate ideas that will help us build a working democracy. Click here to get started:

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Dear MoveOn member,

66% of Americans think we should cut the deficit by raising taxes on the rich.1 Less than 4% think we should start by cutting Social Security and Medicare.2

In a working democracy, these would be settled questions. And yet, yesterday, reports broke that President Obama offered up cuts to Social Security and other vital programs as part of a deal on the deficit. All while Republicans refuse to even consider raising taxes on the rich.

It's clear that we'll never make the economy work for regular folks until our democracy does too—until we take the power to make decisions away from corporate lobbyists and the super-rich and put it back in the hands of the the people.

So today, as part of our Contract for the American Dream, we're looking for ideas that will help us build a working democracy. To prime the pump, we made a great, funny video about one of the most important tools regular folks have used over the years to make their voices heard: unions.  

Check out the video, then help identify the best ideas for making our democracy work for all of us.

Watch the video and rate ideas! 

Corporations and the super-rich are doing everything they can to silence and overwhelm our voices in the workplace, in our communities, and at the ballot box. They're spending huge sums of money to buy elections and hire lobbyists, pushing anti-immigrant legislation in the states, making it harder for minorities to vote, and trying to block the rights of workers and unions to organize nationwide.

Together it all adds up to a broad attack on our right to have our voices heard and ultimately have control over our economy and our democracy.

All week we've been looking for the best ideas to include in the new Contract for the American Dream—ideas for fixing our economy and uniting our movement. The response has been amazing and so far we've collected more than 13,000 ideas for creating good jobs and making sure we all pay our share. Together, we've rated those ideas more than 3 million times!

Today it's time to focus on solutions that will make sure that we, the people, call the shots in the economy—and that no one gets left out.

Can you add your ideas, and then help find the very best ones by rating a few ideas from others?

Thanks for all you do.

–Justin, Tate, Robin, Elena, and the rest of the team


1. "More Blame Wars than Domestic Spending or Tax Cuts for Nation's Debt," Pew Research Center, June 7, 2011.

2. "Poll: To Reduce Deficit, Most Americans say Tax the Rich More,", January 3, 2011.

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