Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good jobs now

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Contract for the American Dream

We are Rebuilding the American Dream

We're putting our heads together to choose the best ideas for a plan to create an economy that works for ALL of us—a new "Contract for the American Dream." The key to this idea working is simple: get as many people as possible to rate ideas. Click here to join in:


Dear MoveOn member,

I trust my neighbors more than any Wall Street bank, hedge fund, or oil company. I think we all do.

But we keep letting the banks and multinational corporations, and their high-priced lobbyists, call the shots in our economy.

You know what? I think they're doing a terrible job. Now it's time for us, the American people, to come up with our own vision.

So today we're launching a new effort. And we need your help.

Our goal is to help create a "Contract for the American Dream"—a people-powered plan for creating an economy that works for ALL of us.

When it is completed, this document will be very special. For one thing: thousands of us will have created it TOGETHER, as a community of friends and neighbors.

You are an important part of this community, and you have a key role to play in this effort: helping to choose the best ideas for fixing our economy.

It won't take long, and you don't need to be an expert. Just visit our new site and rate which ideas you think will make a real difference. We have some great ideas from progressive leaders. And you can add your own, too. No idea is too big or too small, too tame or too out there. We need your brain engaged on this.

To help get started, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich made a short video about how we can invest in creating more good jobs.

Check it out, then help rate some proposals!

Watch the video and rate ideas!

We're building this Contract with a deep belief that folks like us—all across America—have enough wisdom and common sense to come up with workable solutions to our nation's problems. By putting our heads together, and combining our best thinking on a national basis, we believe we can craft a plan that unites our struggles for economic fairness and opportunity.

The key to this idea working is simple: we need as many people as possible to participate. We need you to submit ideas and to give feedback. The more people who join in to help craft the Contract, the better it's going to be.

This week we're going to focus on four areas. We are starting today with good jobs. Over the coming days, we'll look for solutions to problems in other areas—from education, to labor rights, to taxes.

Then, on July 16 and 17, thousands of Americans are going to gather in living rooms, community centers, and church basements across the country. In just ten days, people will discuss and help sort the top ideas we have generated together. Between now and then, it's up to all of us to feed the very best, most creative, most inspiring ideas into the conversations.

Can you help right now—by rating ideas and submitting your own?


Thanks for all you do.

–Van Jones

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