Saturday, July 9, 2011

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Contract for the American Dream

We are Rebuilding the American Dream

Today we need as many of us as possible to rate ideas that will help protect the foundation for strong communities and a thriving middle class in this country. Click here to join in:


Dear MoveOn member,

Three weeks ago, I announced the launch of Rebuild the Dream, and we started the process to create a Contract for the American Dream. I was hopeful and optimistic. But honestly, the whole idea was unproven. I wasn't quite sure if everyone else felt the same sense of energy and opportunity that I felt.

Now I'm convinced—because in the past three weeks more than 13,000 people have signed up to gather at American Dream house meetings, 16,000 ideas have been submitted for possible inclusion in the Contract for the American Dream, and together we've rated them more than 3.5 million times!

Today I'm writing to ask you to help finish collecting and rating the very best solutions. We will feed these ideas into our discussions at next week's meetings about what belongs in the Contract.

The final area we're focusing on is how to protect the foundation for strong communities and a thriving middle class in this country: good schools, access to healthcare, a clean environment, robust Social Security, and a strong safety net for when hard times hit.

To remind us how we ended up here, we put together a funny and informative new video that lays out how the middle class got in trouble in the first place.

Check it out. Then let's finish choosing the best Contract for the American Dream ideas:

Watch the video and rate ideas!

Next week—at more than 1,400 American Dream house meetings—people will gather in living rooms to sort through the top ideas and discuss what the American Dream is really all about.

People with opposing ideas to ours crafted their vision nearly 40 years ago. Ever since, they've been systematically dismantling the middle class in this country. Now it's up to us, right now, to unite as a movement, craft our vision, and stop them in their tracks.

I've already watched something amazing happen this year that's given me confidence. Ever since the protests in Wisconsin this winter, I've watched the whole progressive movement come together. I've seen the energy spread from the Capitol in Madison to nearly every corner of this country.

This is a big opportunity, and I'm excited that you're already a part of it. Today I hope you'll join in one more time and help find the very best ideas for how we can ensure access to great healthcare, provide for our seniors, run a great public school system, and do everything we can to keep our families and communities strong.

Click here to join in and start rating ideas:

Thanks for all you do.

–Van Jones

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