Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We're not broke

We're putting our heads together to choose the best ideas for a plan to create an economy that works for ALL of us—a new "Contract for the American Dream." Today we need as many of us as possible to rate ideas about how to stop corporations and the super-rich from dodging taxes. Click here to get started:

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Dear MoveOn member,

Yesterday I asked for your help choosing the best ideas for the new "Contract for the American Dream," and the response has been amazing!

All told, folks registered more than 1,400,000 ratings on over 6,600 new ideas for creating jobs and fixing our economy.

Today we're looking at how to get the money to pay for all those good ideas. America is the richest country in the history of world. But we can't make the investments we need because giant corporations and the super-rich aren't paying their share.

Will you help craft our plan to solve this problem by helping to choose the best ideas for making sure we ALL pay our share? To inspire your thinking check out this new video from a group of self-made millionaires and billionaires who get it. They have a simple message of responsibility and patriotism that I wish every giant corporation and ultra-wealthy person shared: "Tax me."

Take a look at the video. Then help choose the best ideas here:

Watch the video and rate ideas!

We, the American taxpayers, have put a ton of resources on the table, creating a stable and highly productive environment for businesspeople. If their businesses do poorly, they shouldn't be expected to pay back much in the form of taxes. But if they do well, they SHOULD.

They're benefiting from our public schools, our roads, our courts and so much more that America provides to help them succeed. But they aren't paying us—their real anchor investors—back. Simply put, it's unpatriotic. Those who do well IN America, should do well BY America. That's what made America great, in the first place.

Instead we just keep seeing more tax shelters, tax breaks, and tax loopholes. Now some of these folks are even willing to put our entire country's financial future at risk by using the debt ceiling crisis to push for more cuts to critical government programs—while refusing to consider closing some of those loopholes or raising tax rates on the wealthy.

This has to stop.The question we have to figure out now is how to turn things around. How can we stop tax dodging and make sure all of America's giant corporations and super-rich folks help us invest in a prosperous future for our country?

We can best answer these questions when we put our heads together. So it's up to all of us to take part today. It's easy, and it doesn't take a lot of time. Just click here to visit the new Contract for the American Dream site. Help choose the best ideas:

Thanks for helping make the American Dream a reality.

–Van Jones

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