Friday, November 3, 2017

Hospital tells father he can't save son's life

You can make a difference right now to save young A.J.'s life: Tell Emory University Hospital to cut the red tape and allow the kidney transplant.

Dear MoveOn member,

A.J. is a 2-year-old in dire need of a kidney transplant from his father, but Emory University Hospital says they won't do it until next year because his dad recently violated probation. The situation is more urgent than ever because A.J. was rushed to the emergency room last weekend after contracting a life-threatening infection.1

You can make a difference right now to save young A.J.'s life: Tell Emory University Hospital to cut the red tape and allow the kidney transplant that A.J. needs to survive.

Even though A.J.'s father Anthony is a 100% donor match, the hospital says he needs to be on 'good behavior' for three months before they will perform the surgery to save his child.2

These types of decisions have a lasting impact on families and our entire communities. Denying a father a medical procedure to save his son's life is not only devastating but inhumane.

Please tell Emory University Hospital to allow Anthony to donate a kidney to save his son, A.J.'s life.

The prison system disproportionately affects people of color as they struggle to gain fair access to jobs, housing, education, and health care.

This is a cruel, heartless decision, especially considering a young boy’s life is at risk and the institution with power to help him is a hospital.

We all have a duty to help push Emory University Hospital to save this boy's life and do the right thing now. Sign the petition.

Thank you,

–Rashad Robinson, Color of Change


1. "Can a man's criminal past prevent him from donating kidney to son?" Atlanta Journal Constitution, October 30, 2017

2. Ibid.

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