Wednesday, November 1, 2017

It's coming soon - Trump's giant tax giveaway

Trump and the GOP want to give more than $1 trillion in tax cuts to the top 1%. How? With spending cuts to health care, public education, housing assistance, and more.

Dear MoveOn member,

The tax plan put forward by Trump and the GOP is nothing more than a Trojan horse.

They may release this tax scheme as soon as tomorrow—and they're trying to scam us out of more than $1 trillion in tax revenue and fork it over to the richest of the rich (who are already richer than ever).¹

What's more, they're selling it to us packaged in a bunch of full-on smoke-and-mirrors lies that it will really benefit the middle class—even though it will put a greater burden on the vast majority of us.

It's up to MoveOn members to sound the alarm about these lies by watching and sharing my latest video with MoveOn with everyone you know. It's critical to share this information now so we won't be fooled when we see news of this tax scheme that will likely be spun in a lot of different directions.

Robert Reich on Trump's disastrous tax plan

(Not on Facebook? You can watch and share via YouTube.)

Who wins with the GOP tax cut? Folks like Trump himself. And corporations. Who else?!

And how do Republicans intend to pay for this gift of more than $1 trillion to the wealthiest among us? Spending cuts to health care, public education, housing assistance. For goodness' sake, even cancer research could face cuts.

Let's make sure that our friends and family won't be fooled by this Trojan horse of a tax plan, which promises middle-class tax cuts but delivers near to none—while slashing social spending.

Please. Take two minutes and watch and share this real-time exposé of what's really inside Trump's Trojan horse tax plan.

Thanks for all you do.

—Robert Reich


1. "Benefits of GOP-Trump Framework Tilted Toward the Richest Taxpayers in Each State," Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, October 4, 2017

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