Monday, August 13, 2018

Sign the petition: My family needs your help

Sign the petition telling ICE to stop the deportation of Salma Sikandar.

Dear MoveOn member,

My name is Samir. I'm a 17-year-old American citizen writing to you because ICE wants to deport my mom on August 23—just days before I become the first member of my family to go to college.

I'm an only child to immigrant parents who work at McDonald's and fill our home with love. They are well-known and respected in our community here in New Haven, Connecticut.

Sign the petition telling ICE to keep my mom, Salma Sikandar, home with our family.

Stop the deportation! Tell ICE to stop tearing families apart. Tell them Salma Sikandar should stay in the United States.

Homeland Security's cruel decision came as a complete shock to us all.

At a routine check-in this summer, the Department of Homeland Security put a large black electronic monitoring device on my mom and told her to check in twice a week until she's required to fly to Bangladesh. She hasn't been there in nearly two decades.1

In addition to support from our governor and members of Congress, we're so thankful for the love and support from members of our community who started a MoveOn petition to stop the deportation.

Thousands of people have already signed the petition, but we need more pressure to let ICE know that the world is watching and will not tolerate tearing families apart.

I want my mom to proudly watch her son start his first day of college. I need your help to make that wish a reality.

Sign the petition to stop the deportation of Salma Sikandar and share it with everyone you know.

Thank you.

–Samir Mahmud


1. "Officials Urge ICE To Give New Haven Mother Reprieve From Deportation," Hartford Courant, August 7, 2018

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