Thursday, May 12, 2016

My "most dangerous and subversive film"

"Where to Invade Next" is my "most dangerous and subversive film," as one critic pointed out.

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

I'll be honest: I love MoveOn.

You probably thought I was going to talk about my movie, "Where to Invade Next," which just came out on DVD this week. And I'll get there in a minute. But really, the movie is about creating a more just society—and that's what MoveOn members are all about, day in and day out, in campaign after campaign.

And we need that mix of passion, savvy, and effectiveness this year, if we're going to beat back the right-wing forces and promote ideas that work for all Americans—which is why I'm asking you to make a donation to MoveOn.

Click here to chip in. If you give $27 or more to MoveOn Civic Action, I will send you a DVD copy of my new movie "Where to Invade Next" as my thank-you gift for being a part of this fight.

Let me tell you a little about MoveOn and me.

In November, when I was offering to open my home to Syrian refugees after the anti-refugee backlash, MoveOn helped lead the fight to successfully defend the refugee program in Congress.

In December, when I was standing outside Trump Towers holding an anti-Islamophobia sign, MoveOn members were launching #WeAreBetterThanThis, a campaign against the hate and fearmongering of the right wing, and beginning to prepare a massive mobilization against Trump's campaign of violence-inciting vitriol.

In February, when I was calling on Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan to be arrested for the crimes committed against the people of Flint, MoveOn was delivering a quarter-million signatures demanding justice for Flint—and raising $100,000 for a non-profit focused on the long-term health of Flint's children.

And when I endorsed Bernie Sanders for president, MoveOn Political Action members were right there with me—recruiting volunteers, getting out the vote, producing pro-Bernie videos, and raising money for the campaign in state after state.

Basically, MoveOn stands with me and I stand with MoveOn—arm-in-arm on the fights we need to fight and aim to win. And whether it's helping to take down the Confederate flag (which I talk about in my film) or pushing President Obama to take executive action on gun violence, MoveOn knows how to win.

So will you contribute to MoveOn today? Just click here. If you chip in $27 or more, I'll send you a DVD to say thanks.

I have a long history with MoveOn members. We worked together to try to beat President Bush in 2004. MoveOn members organized screenings of my movies "Fahrenheit 9/11" and "Sicko." Basically, when I've been in the trenches, you've been there with me—and vice versa.

It's a tough year ahead—election years bring some pretty unsavory elements of our country into the spotlight. Fortunately, MoveOn also brings the passion and commitment of its members front-and-center—and we'll need those types of inclusive, diverse, progressive campaigns in the fights ahead.

Will you chip in so MoveOn can keep fighting against the hatred and violence of the Republican primary, can keep pushing for a progressive economy and to get big money out of politics, can keep fighting to break the GOP chokehold in Washington, and can keep supporting members in creating change—big and small—across the country?

Chip in $27 or more, and I've got a DVD that'll be yours.

Thanks for all you do.

Michael Moore

P.S. Here's a little more about the film:

"Where to Invade Next" is, as one critic pointed out, my "most dangerous and subversive film." It’s dangerous because it shows the American public exactly how we can achieve—quite easily—a very decent society. One where we all take care of each other, where there’s true, free, and universal health care, a stunningly amazing educational system, a place where no one needs a second job, everyone gets at least a month’s paid vacation, all families have paid maternity and sick leave, where the war on drugs is over and the prisons are now half-empty because people got help or were just left to live their lives in peace.

Those places actually exist—and they're called … the rest of the civilized world! We’ve been lied to and misled for too long. I don't just talk about this—I show you the schools in Finland, the prisons in Norway, the bright and humane factories in Germany (where everyone makes a middle class wage), the public school lunchroom in France where students are fed a four-course meal, and you get to meet the college students in Slovenia who have absolutely no friggin' idea what a "student loan" is.

This is what makes "Where to Invade Next" so subversive, because if enough of you see this movie, that’s it. Once millions have this information—and inspiration—the game is over. For Wall Street. For the bought-off politicians. For the boss or the dean or the candidate who keeps telling you, "It just can’t be done!" That’s collectively the biggest con ever, and I am here to blow it up once and for all with this movie.

That’s why I so desperately want you to see "Where to Invade Next." 

Click here to chip in $27 or more to MoveOn, and I'll send you a DVD copy of my new movie.

Michael Moore is an Oscar-winning filmmaker, author, and activist. His ninth film, "Where to Invade Next," is out on DVD this week.

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