Tuesday, September 26, 2017

VICTORY! (Zombie Trumpcare is dead for now; we'll stay vigilant.)

Mitch McConnell was forced to postpone the Senate vote on Trumpcare (the vote was supposed to be TODAY.)

Dear MoveOn member,

Living in America in the Trump era feels like living in a horror movie. But even in horror movies, the monster can be defeated.

Today, Mitch McConnell and the Senate GOP conceded that they don't have the votes to pass the Graham-Cassidy bill, the latest and most deadly incarnation of Trumpcare.1 Make no mistake: This victory was due to the the massive and relentless uprising by MoveOn members and our many allies across the country. Tens of millions of American families will be safer and healthier thanks to our collective efforts.

But horror movies have sequels, and monsters come back to life. This one's likely to be no different. Republicans failed at this particular attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act, but they can still try again. The truth is that the danger of repeal won't fade until Republicans no longer control Congress and the White House. We can't let our guard down—and we have to keep the pressure on.

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While we can't rest in the long run, it's worth taking a moment to express gratitude.

Gratitude to the millions of people who made phone calls, protested at lawmakers' offices, donated and marched and spread the word—the millions of people who fueled this movement.

Gratitude to the people with disabilities who put their bodies on the line, protesting at the Senate hearing this Monday. Gratitude to the enormous, united coalition—Planned Parenthood and Indivisible, ADAPT and the Little Lobbyists, the SEIU and the Center for Popular Democracy, UltraViolet and so many other groups—plus every major health care organization and every single Democrat and Independent in Congress who redoubled their efforts every time Republicans came again for our health care.

Gratitude to Susan Collins and John McCain for doing the right thing. Gratitude to the Democratic and independent senators who said no to repeal again and again and didn't waver—and to the 16 senators who joined together to call for Medicare for All last week to push us toward a truly constructive conversation on how to strengthen health care for all Americans.

Our movement will never rest. Our movement will always #resist. Our movement will keep fighting for something better: for a health care system—and a country—that has a place of honor and dignity in it for everyone.

Thanks, friends, for all you do.

–Ben, Manny, Iram, Anne, and the rest of the team

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1. "Senate won't vote on GOP health care bill," CNN, September 26, 2017

Want to support our work? The GOP attempt to rip coverage away from millions of Americans has once again crumbled in the face of furious opposition. But it's now clear that health care repeal will remain a threat until Republicans no longer control Congress and the White House. Will you support our work to build an electoral landslide that destroys the GOP's political power in 2018, starting with the House of Representatives?

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