Sunday, February 1, 2015

BREAKING: Warren jumps in Iowa polls

One year out from the first-in-the-nation-caucuses, Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls
Dear MoveOn member,

The gold standard in Iowa polling just came out, and there's big news:

One year out from the first-in-the-nation-caucuses, Elizabeth Warren is rising in the polls--from 10% support just a few months ago to 16% today.1

As The Des Moines Register put it: "A draft effort by liberal groups appears to be raising Warren's profile, and the people who are discovering Warren generally like her."2

And what's even more exciting? Warren's level of support today is almost identical to Barack Obama's at the same time a year before his first Iowa Caucuses, which he ended up winning before being propelled all the way to the White House.3

Our efforts are working. We've hired field staff. We've opened offices in Iowa. And this weekend, thousands of MoveOn members across America are attending hundreds of "Run Warren Run" house parties.

With a whole year until the Iowa caucuses, Warren is competitive—and she has a real shot at winning. With your help, we're serious about building a movement big enough to encourage Sen. Warren to enter the presidential race—and showing that if she runs, she can win.

Will you join us in convincing Elizabeth Warren to run—and help us show she can win—by chipping in $3 to help with this campaign?

Yes, I'll chip in.

The Des Moines Register says that the poll "reveals Warren as more competitive against the front-runner than she was a few months ago," and that "more Iowans have become aware of Warren, and that higher visibility has translated to higher popularity—a positive development for any candidate."4

As one of the leading political pros in the state pointed out: "If she did get into the race, Warren would be a viable competitor in Iowa."5

This is the moment to double down. Can you chip in $3?

Yes, I'll chip in.

This isn't just one poll. A pollster recently wrote in The Wall Street Journal that Warren is just nine points behind in New Hampshire.6 And a focus group conducted by the respected pollster Peter Hart found that she was the most well liked of all the potential candidates for president—Republican or Democrat.7

If support for Sen. Warren keeps growing, it'll force the media to cover her views on everything from taking on the big banks, to expanding Social Security, to taking on the student debt crisis. And, if we can show Elizabeth Warren that she can win in Iowa and New Hampshire—and across the country—it can help convince her to jump into the race.

This campaign is surging ahead. Will you chip in $3 to be a part of it?

Yes, I'll chip in.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Manny, Maria, Ben W., and the rest of the team


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