Sunday, February 8, 2015

Need your creativity

We need your creativity! Can you spell our RUN WARREN RUN and take a picture?
Run Warren Run

Dear MoveOn member,

The effort to convince Elizabeth Warren to run for president is gaining steam.

Last weekend people gathered in over 220 house parties to talk about how they can further the effort locally. And the media have begun to recognize this campaign as a serious force.

But if we want to convince Senator Warren to run we can't just say it. We need to say it big.

We need RUN WARREN RUN spelled out in unmissable letters. Literally.

So we're asking: What's the most creative way you can spell out RUN WARREN RUN?

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We've already seen hundreds of creative photos of people supporting the effort to get Senator Warren to run, like this awesome picture sent in by MoveOn members in Western Massachusetts:

MoveOn members   spelling out Run Warren Run!

That's just one example. We've seen pictures of everything from big groups to individuals (and even babies!). We've seen pictures with homemade signs and with banners. We've even seen selfies. And these pictures are awesome demonstrations of the human energy behind the draft Warren movement. We've also seen how these pictures get picked up by the press because of a simple truth: real people are the most powerful messengers this campaign has. So these pictures aren't just fun—they also have an impact.

We know this community is brimming with creativity. So whether it's writing RUN WARREN RUN in five foot letters in the snow (we're looking at you, New England!) or spelling it out as a human tower; whether it's dressed in costume or etched in stone—we want to see it!

In a week, on Presidents Day, MoveOn members will be gathering together to do visibility events in support of the Run Warren Run campaign. We'll share the best submissions by then and blow some of them up to a huge size to include them in the visibility events as well.

So let's get started now. How will you spell out RUN WARREN RUN?

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Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Stephen, Ben O., Jo, and the rest of the team

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