Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Drop by Rep. Meeks's office in Inwood?

Can you drop by Representative Gregory Meeks's district office tomorrow, Wednesday, March 11, while the House is on recess this week and urge him to stand with Elizabeth Warren against Fast Track and the TPP (and thank him if he does)? 

Yes, I can drop by!
Dear MoveOn member,

What if I were to tell you that a secretive international panel of three corporate lawyers could have the power to override a government's laws and demand that nations pay corporations massive amounts of money?

You would probably think I was setting the plot for season four of "House of Cards." But I assure you, I am not.

Congress is currently wrestling with the decision to fast-track the dangerous Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)—a trade agreement that's been called "NAFTA on steroids." Fast Track legislation would give authority to the president to sign on to the trade agreement. Then Congress would get just 90 days to approve it, with limited debate and no changes allowed. We need to stop Congress from fast tracking the TPP.

Senator Elizabeth Warren, along with several colleagues, is leading the fight to stop Fast Track for the TPP. Fast Track would deprive Congress of the chance to discuss "Investor-State Dispute Settlement" (ISDS), the clause of the TPP which would create the secret panels. In a recent op-ed in the The Washington Post, Sen. Warren said, "ISDS would allow foreign companies to challenge U.S. laws—and potentially to pick up huge payouts from taxpayers—without ever stepping foot in a U.S. court."1  

This week, members of Congress are on recess and back in their home districts. We have an opportunity to tell Representative Gregory Meeks directly to stop Fast Track and the TPP (and thank him if he has already voiced opposition). Your personal story and voice can be the difference in how he votes if this dangerous proposal makes it to the floor.

Will you drop by Rep. Meeks's district office in Arverne on Wednesday, March 11, to deliver a message against the TPP? We'll send you an email with everything you need to make a powerful impact. 

I'm signing up to drop by! 

Rep. Meeks has an office at: 

67-12 Rockaway Beach Boulevard 
Arverne, NY

MoveOn members are joining Democracy for America, Working Families Party, Public Citizen's Global Trade Watch, Communications Workers of America, and other allies to visit every member of the House of Representatives in their home district this week. We'll be thanking members who are standing with us, and letting our opponents and those on the fence know that their constituents expect them to support jobs and oppose Fast Track.

Policies adopted under Fast Track have cost more than a million jobs and contributed to the shuttering of more than 60,000 factories.2 Fast-tracking the TPP will most certainly lead to more job loss in the United States. We have the chance now to organize and let Rep. Meeks know we want him to stand with Elizabeth Warren and oppose the TPP.

Drop-bys are simple and easy ways for constituents to share their story and message with their member of Congress. On Wednesday, March 11, print out a simple sign that we will email you, then drop by Rep. Meeks's office and deliver your message. If you can capture a picture or video of your drop-by, please share it on social media using the hashtag #NoFastTrack. It sounds simple, but if we show up in person AND online, we can really impact this conversation—and our elected officials' decisions.

Can we count on you to visit Rep. Meeks's office on Wednesday, March 11?

You can count on me to drop by!

And you don't have to travel that far. Rep. Meeks has an office at: 

67-12 Rockaway Beach Boulevard
Arverne, NY

(Or you can look up other locations here.)

Time is tight. The sooner you commit, the sooner we can get you the resources you'll need.

Thanks for all you do.

–Alejandro, Bobby, Corinne, Justin R., and the rest of the team


1. "The Trans-Pacific Partnership clause everyone should oppose," The Washington Post, February 25, 2015 

2. "10 Facts About Fast Track," No Fast Track, accessed on March 9, 2015 

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