Friday, March 6, 2015

Should MoveOn support this petition?

Dear New York member,

A MoveOn member named Alyssa M. Rodriguez recently created a petition on our public petition website entitled "Keep Families Together. Stop Max's Deportation"—and we'd like to know what you think of it.

The petition is addressed to The United States House of Representatives, The United States Senate, and President Barack Obama, and reads:

Don't deport beloved pastor and community member Max Villatoro. Keep him with his family.

Sign Alyssa's petition.

Here's what Alyssa wrote about it:

Max was detained Tuesday 3/3/2015 by ICE without being given a chance to say goodbye to his wife and four U.S. Citizen kids. He is not a priority for removal, might be eligible for DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans), and at the very least should be granted enough time to stay to apply once it is available. We need your support to please help keep him here with his family. Keep reading for other ways to act...

- - -

1. Call the ICE Field Office at 888-351-4024 (choose option2):

Urge them to grant Max Villatoro (A# 094-338-085) a stay of removal.
Explain why keeping families together and keeping a pastor in his community is important to you.
Point out that Max Villatoro might be eligible for DAPA (Deferred Action for Parents of Americans) and that, under current ICE guidelines, he should not be priority for deportation.
NOTE: You may be told your are calling the wrong number, that you are wrong about the facts, o r that you should call a different number. Leave your message as best you can and, if you have time, call any other numbers you are advised to call. These calls do make a difference!
2. Send email to:

Can you click to let us know what you think?

I want to sign this petition.

I don't think MoveOn should support this petition.

We'll decide whether to send this petition out to additional MoveOn members in your area based on your feedback.

In case you haven't heard about it, MoveOn's petition site allows anyone to start an online petition and share it with friends and neighbors to build support for their cause.

Thanks for all you do. 

–Milan, Maria, Manny, Bobby, and the rest of the team

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