Monday, March 16, 2015

Last chance: Call ICE TODAY to stand with Pastor Max

Dear MoveOn member,

Tomorrow, beloved pastor and community member Max Villatoro could be deported, even though he poses no threat to American security.

That's why last week, MoveOn members and our friends at America's Voice made hundreds of phone calls and delivered more than 20,000 signatures to the ICE regional headquarters in Omaha, NE demanding Max's release. News outlets from the Omaha World Herald to The Washington Times to Daily Kos covered this event and the great outpouring of support for Max.

But the fight isn't over yet: Max may be deported tomorrow. There's still time to call ICE headquarters today at 202-732-3000 and demand that Max be released. If you didn't call before, or even if you did, please call ICE headquarters now. Here's what our ally Matt Hildreth from America's Voice has to say:

ICE wants to deport Max despite the fact that he is a pastor with four U.S. citizen children.

We've been working hard with advocates in Iowa, where Max has been living for the last two decades, to stop his deportation, but now we need your help!

Earlier today, we learned that Max was moved to another ICE facility, where he is awaiting deportation. It's still not clear what ICE is planning to do with Max, but we know that the decision on his case is imminent.

Will you call ICE and ask that Max be released immediately?

This latest development comes after we delivered over 25,000 petition signatures to ICE demanding Max's release. Yet, despite all this, ICE is still determined to take Max away from his wife and children.

We are asking for your support right now, as Max and his family need it more than ever. Call ICE right now and tell them not to deport Pastor Max Villatoro.

Dial 202-732-3000 and leave a message with the receptionist.

Here's what to say once you're connected:

"Hi. My name is ________, and I'm calling to ask that ICE stop the deportation of Max Villatoro (A# 094-338-085). Max serves as a pastor at his church in Iowa City, has four U.S. citizen children, and has been an exemplary servant leader in his community for the past 20 years.

There are clear factors in Max's case indicating that he is not a threat to national security, border security, or public safety, and should not therefore be an enforcement priority. We ask that Max be considered for relief under ICE's prosecutorial discretion guidelines.


Thanks for all of your support!

Thanks for all you do.

–Maria, Milan, Bobby, Manny, and the rest of the team 

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