Sunday, January 21, 2018

Join a #TrumpShutdown action near you

Donald Trump just shut down the federal government—here's how we respond.

Dear MoveOn member,

Donald Trump and his GOP Congress just shut down the federal government.1

Our National Parks are closing down. 

9 million kids who depend on the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) still have their coverage unfunded.2

And 800,000 Dreamers are without the protections they were promised under DACA. 

All because Donald Trump and the GOP chose to shut down the government rather than give up their reckless and racist policies, including billions in funding for a border wall. 

Trump is tweeting up a storm to pass blame for his shutdown off onto Democrats because they stood strong for Dreamers and resisted his radical agenda. But we won't stand for it—and MoveOn members and our allies are going to show up at speak-out actions across the country this next week to demand that the GOP end the #TrumpShutdown and get back to work to pass the Dream Act and fund CHIP. 

Click here to host or join an urgent speak-out this week to demand Congress end the #TrumpShutdown and protect Dreamers—find and RSVP for an event near you, or start a new one! (If there isn't an event near you yet, hosting one is easy! MoveOn staff and volunteers will support you every step of the way and even recruit other MoveOn members and partners in your area.)

Yesterday marked exactly one year since Trump's inauguration—and one year of the resistance to Trump's administration. In the past year, so many of us have stepped up our civic engagement in ways we may never have expected. We've been vigilant in defending health care coverage, standing with communities bearing the brunt of Trump's attacks, and resisting the Trump agenda as we've mobilized to win key elections and lay the groundwork to rebuild progressive power. 

And we've had incredible impact! We've been able to defeat horrible Republican policies and support leadership from Democrats who have stood strong—even now, the fact that the Democrats are so united in their opposition to Trump's and the Republicans' cruel legislative games is a testament to the power of the Resistance, which has stiffened the spines of Democrats and showed we'll have their backs in a moment like this.

And now it's critical to make sure Republicans feel the pressure—to get back to work, pass Dream, fund CHIP, reopen the government, and reject Trump's racist agenda and reckless actions.

MoveOn and our allies are organizing a national wave of protests to end the #TrumpShutdown, beginning Monday and lasting through Wednesday (unless we can win before then!).

Can we count on you to join or host a speak-out event in your area to end the #TrumpShutdown?

Republicans have shut down the federal government before, and they suffered a political cost from holding our country hostage to their extreme agenda. If we all come together to stand up to this egregious negotiating tactic, we can win public opinion, help secure a deal that protects Dreamers, and emerge as a stronger country. It all starts with what we do next.  

Thanks for all you do. 

–Katharine, Elsie, Ben, Jackie, and the rest of the team

P.S.: One year ago, the day after the Women's March, MoveOn and our allies held the first Ready to Resist call—and broke the Guinness World Record for the largest conference call in history. Tonight, Sunday January 21, we're marking that anniversary with another Ready to Resist call, live from the Women's March in Las Vegas and featuring leaders of the Women's March, where we'll focus like a laser on urgent steps to stop the #TrumpShutdown. Click here to RSVP for the call tonight, Sunday, at 8 p.m. ET (7 CT/6 MT/5 PT). 


1. "The government has officially shut down," Vox, January 20, 2018

2. "9 million kids get health insurance under CHIP. Congress just let it expire," The Washington Post, October 19, 2017

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