Sunday, January 21, 2018

Unbelievable, even for Trump

This is outrageous: Republicans have shut down the federal government in order to protect Donald Trump's racist, anti-immigrant agenda, at the expense of tens of millions of Americans.

Dear MoveOn member,

This is outrageous: Republicans have shut down the federal government in order to protect Donald Trump's racist, anti-immigrant agenda, at the expense of tens of millions of Americans.

This is the first time in American history that the federal government has been shut down when one party controls both chambers of Congress and the White House.1

To paraphrase Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, what a total "shitshow" this has become.2

Right now, hundreds of thousands of government employees are facing furloughs—a terrifying situation for those living paycheck to paycheck. And Dreamers—immigrants who made a home in America as children—are still living in fear that they could be deported at any moment.

This is a new low for the Republican Party, and we need to mobilize now to make this so politically painful for them that they will have no choice but to reopen the government and pass a clean Dream Act. And we'll make sure that voters don't forget what the Republicans have done, and that they pay a political price in the midterm elections this November.

We need to raise $100,000 in the next 24 hours to power the rapid-response campaign to confront this crisis. Will you chip in $3 now?

Yes, I'll chip in now to help hold the GOP accountable for this shutdown and force Republicans to end this needless crisis and reopen the government.

Republicans control both houses of Congress and should be held responsible for siding with Trump to shut down the government instead of saving Dreamers with the popular, bipartisan Dream Act. Remember, it was Trump's decision to unilaterally repeal the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program; this crisis is of Trump's and Republicans' own making.

If Republicans were to put a clean Dream Act on the floor for a vote today, it would pass with bipartisan support, and the government could reopen.

Instead, they've wasted their time defending a president who is more interested in writing offensive Twitter rants and making racist demands than in supporting bipartisan solutions to keep our government open.

If the GOP had just done the right thing, for once, none of this would have happened.

Help raise $100,000 for our emergency, rapid-response fund, and together we'll pressure Republicans to reopen the government and end the Trump shutdown, and then we'll hold them accountable for shutting down the government at the polls this fall.

Click here to chip in $3 right now to our emergency #TrumpShutdown campaign.

We're going to work around the clock this weekend and every day until the government reopens. Here's what we're planning to do, if we get the funds we need:

  • Make sure that the public understands that this is a 100%-Trump-Republican shutdown, which will help us end the shutdown now and win back power this fall. We held a rally at the U.S. Capitol last night featuring Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Kamala Harris, Representative Luis Gutierrez, and other champions, and we're joining the Women's Marches around the country today and tomorrow with signs and banners that send a clear message about the #TrumpShutdown.
  • Run a national Ready to Resist organizing call on Sunday night to channel tens of thousands of members into action to pressure Republicans to get back to work, pass the Dream Act, and reopen the government.
  • Organize speak-outs around the country next week, so constituents can rally together at hundreds of local events to demand action from elected officials and drive local media coverage about the #TrumpShutdown.
  • Produce hard-hitting videos and social media content about what's at stake, who'll be hurt by this shutdown, and why and how the GOP needs to get back to work to end it.
  • Prepare to flood Congress with calls next week through texting, email alerts, and our new, cutting-edge automated-calling technology. As our data analyst Amy White said, "Using some data and a whole lot of math, we identify progressive-leaning voters in key districts with members of Congress who most need to hear from their constituents. Then, we make huge numbers of calls to alert those voters to what's happening and encourage them to get involved!" These calls cost money, but they're highly effective. And we need to scale them up.
  • Organize high-profile, media-grabbing actions that will tell the story of the shutdown and can energize members around the country.

This organizing will take significant resources that we weren't planning to spend. Which is why I need to ask you, Eddie: Will you chip in now to our emergency campaign now to hold Republicans accountable and end the #TrumpShutdown?

Yes, I'll chip in $3 now to the emergency shutdown campaign.

Republicans created this disaster, but they want to blame Democrats for the shutdown? Please.

Democrats acted in good faith and gave significant concessions to Republicans in an attempt to pass a spending bill that includes protections for Dreamers.

Republican Senator Jeff Flake said, "I can tell you I've been negotiating and working with the Democrats on immigration for 17 years and on this issue, on DACA or on the DREAM Act, for a number of years, and the Democrats are negotiating in good faith."3

This shutdown happened because of Trump and the Republicans. We need to make sure that the GOP is held accountable and suffers political consequences in the 2018 elections. Donate now to help us reach $100,000 in our emergency response fund to make Republicans get back to work, reopen the government, and, in November, pay for their government shutdown.

Yes, I'm in! I'll chip in $3 now to the emergency shutdown campaign.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, David, Lisa, Milan, and the rest of the team


1. "The Republican Plan to Give Trump His 'Good' Shutdown," New York magazine, January 18, 2018

2. "Graham: 'This has turned into a s-show'," The Hill, January 16, 2018

3. "The GOP’s Not-So-Cunning Plan to Blame a Shutdown on Democrats,'" New York magazine, January 15, 2018

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