Monday, October 11, 2010

What a weekend--your place next time?

We're having call parties this weekend to recruit volunteers for endangered Democratic candidates. To hit our goal of 500,000 calls this election, we need more folks to host parties. Can you host an "Eat, Call, Win!" call party on Oct. 16 or 17?
Top "Yes We Can!" Party: 
1,156 Calls! 

Congratulations to the "Fighting Back!!!" party in Brooklyn, NY.

"Yes We Can!" party photos:
Laurel, MD! 

Incline Village, NV!   

Dear MoveOn Member,

Thanks so much for attending a "Yes We Can!" party. It was another big weekend—together, we made over 75,000 calls!    

And our call parties couldn't be more timely—on Friday, the New York Times' top election analyst downgraded Democrats' chance of holding onto the House of Representatives to less than 30%.1

Let's be clear: We're facing a takeover of Congress by anti-government, hyper-right-wing, corporate-funded Republicans. There's still enough time to turn this election around—but we've all got to pitch in NOW.

So we're getting together again this weekend for an urgent day of action—where we'll have some fun, too. Inspired by the best-selling book Eat, Pray, Love, we're holding hundreds of "Eat, Call, Win!" house parties across the country this weekend to make calls to other MoveOn members in battleground districts, and sign them up to volunteer to get out the vote for endangered Democrats.

To hit our goal of 500,000 calls by Election Day, we still need someone to host an "Eat, Call, Win!" party in Inwood. Now that you've seen how a call party works, can you host your own party next weekend? Click here if you can:

So far, MoveOn members have made over 200,000 calls to volunteers for nearly 50 congressional candidates—and according to the campaigns, it's making a huge difference. Just a couple days ago, the campaign manager for Senator Russ Feingold's re-election said that together with all the help from MoveOn members, they're showing what grassroots campaigns are all about. 

But we couldn't do any of this without members stepping up to host. Hosting is simple, fun, and powerful. Here's what it's like—we provide a ton of tips and tools to make it go smoothly: 

  • Find a Location: You choose a location for the party. It can be your house or another friend's, or a room at a local community center. 
  • Invite People: We'll email people in your area to invite them to your party, and you should definitely invite your friends, family, and co-workers too. The more, the merrier. 
  • Call Volunteers: At the party, you and the others will call other MoveOn members. In the days leading up to it, we'll send you everything you need: instructions on how to get lists of volunteers to call, a script of what to say, and frequently asked questions that tell you more than you'll ever need to know. 
  • Enjoy Desserts: We'll ask anyone who RSVPs for your party to bring a dessert to share, and if you can, you should provide one as well. 

By hosting a party, you're helping build a massive movement of volunteers to help re-elect our progressive heroes and stop the takeover. Can you host your own party next round in Inwood? Click here to sign up

Thanks for all you do.

–Kat, Lenore, Gail, Mariana, and the rest of the team 


1. "Projected Republican Gains Approach 50 House Seats," The New York Times, October 8, 2010


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