Thursday, July 30, 2015

After President Obama's call, time to take action

President Obama's call with thousands of progressives tonight was inspiring. Here's what we have to do next.

Dear MoveOn member,

Tonight, in a call with thousands of MoveOn members and other progressives, President Obama made his case loud and clear for the diplomatic agreement with Iran—a deal brokered by the United States and five other world powers, and accepted by the United Nations.

Now, our job is to use the month of August to stop Democrats in Congress from joining with backward Republicans and killing this historic deal—potentially putting our nation on another path to war in the Middle East.1

MoveOn members have already contributed more than 206,000 petition signatures and made more than 5,500 calls to Congress in July alone. Now, we're turning our attention to town halls and other local events while members of Congress are back in their home states for recess. We know that proponents of war are spending tens of millions of dollars to be seen, so our representatives and senators who are sitting on the fence need to hear directly from constituents like us.

If you're ready to take action to protect the Iran nuclear agreement, will you click here to let us know?

Tonight, President Obama answered critics of the Iran nuclear agreement directly. On the call, he made clear that this deal will shrink, freeze, and wrap Iran's nuclear program in a monitoring regime so complete that Iran won't have any opportunity to get away with sidestepping its agreements. He also explained that opponents of the deal who claim that Iranians will be able to develop their nuclear capacity after 10 years under the deal ignore that without the agreement, they'd be able to do it in six months. Their logic doesn't add up.

As the president said, every argument against this nuclear agreement is either inaccurate or unrealistic. And the only actual alternative that Republicans are suggesting is the "Cotton Plan," named for Senator Tom Cotton, which is to bomb Iran.2

Perhaps the president's most inspiring words came at the end of the call, though, when he said in no uncertain terms:

You guys have to get more active and loud and involved and informed, and start making your voices heard with respect to members of Congress. Because the lobbying that's taking place on the other side is fierce, it is well-financed, it is relentless.

Now's the time to rally behind President for what could be the most important foreign policy achievement of his time in office.

If we're going to defeat this warmongering, we need to have a presence—a loud, forceful presence—at every public event we can throughout the month of August.

Click here if you can commit to taking at least one action in August to stop a war and defend the Iran nuclear agreement.

Thanks for all you do.

–Jo, Nick, Corinne, Alejandro, and the rest of the team


1. "Obama says only alternative to a nuclear deal with Iran is war," The Washington Post, July 15, 2015

2. "Sen. Tim Kaine: Only GOP Alternative To Iran Deal Is 'Cotton Plan' For War With Iran," Buzzfeed News, July 27, 2015

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