Sunday, August 28, 2016

FW: I have huge news

I have huge, breaking news to share. More and more, it's looking like we can turn Donald Trump into a big old anchor that'll drag the GOP down.

Hi Eddie—As I mentioned a couple days ago, we have a big, new opportunity: Democrats now have a 60% chance of taking back the Senate in November according to The New York Times.1 And, political experts say that if Trump falls in the polls by just three more points, Democrats could even take back the House.2

MoveOn has to raise $150,000 by Monday to enable its team to kick into high gear. Will you join me in supporting MoveOn's organizing effort to defeat Trump by an overwhelming margin and take back the Senate?

Click here to pitch in $2.70 now.

For more information, see my email from last week, below:

Dear MoveOn member,

I have huge, breaking news to share.

More and more, it's looking like we can turn Donald Trump into the big old anchor that'll drag the GOP down—allowing us to take back the Senate, pick up a slew of House seats, and usher in a whole raft of down-ballot progressive candidates in the process!

Here are the numbers: Currently, Trump is losing by about 6-7 points in most national polls, which is enough to put Republican control of the Senate at risk.1 In fact, The New York Times just gave Democrats a 60% chance of taking the Senate.2 But political experts say that if that gap grows to 8-10 or more points, Democrats could even take back the House.3

Can you chip in $2.70 now, so that MoveOn can seize this opportunity that we can't afford to miss?

Yes, I'm in. I'll chip in now.

Thanks to MoveOn members like you, MoveOn has already invested millions of dollars in a massive field operation across states like New Hampshire, Iowa, and Ohio, that are key to beating Trump in November.

But now, MoveOn is moving quickly to expand the electoral map and run campaigns in districts we never thought would be viable, so we can win back the Senate and even put the House into play. That means:

  • Producing breakthrough videos and ads that tie vulnerable GOP Senate candidates to a floundering Trump.
  • Running high-visibility, on-the-ground actions that turn up the heat—like the work MoveOn is doing with veterans to weaken GOP Senate candidates by shining a spotlight on their support for Trump.
  • And knocking on hundreds of thousands of doors to have face-to-face conversations with progressive voters about key Senate races coast to coast, which we know is the single most effective thing we can do to win in November.4

There's no other way to say it: To take advantage of this historic moment, MoveOn must raise more money. A lot more. In fact, MoveOn has to raise $150,000 by Monday to enable its team to kick into high gear.

Click here now to join me in supporting MoveOn by chipping in $2.70.

As I've made clear time and again, I believe in MoveOn and its unique and critical role in defeating Trump on Election Day. I also believe that we need MoveOn's tenacious team to wrest control of the Senate out of the GOP's hands and help drive a progressive-wave election—an Election Day sweep that could make a powerful difference in the lives of you, me, and everyone we know, for years to come.

I've already personally invested in MoveOn, so I'm asking you to join me. Will you chip in $2.70 now so that MoveOn can expand its already game-changing election work?

Yes, I'll chip in now to help keep Trump out of the White House and win back the Senate.

Some say I'm an unforgivable optimist. Well, so be it. I've devoted my entire professional life to making this nation and our economy work for all Americans.

Yes. I dare to hope "on this side of the grave"—as Irish Nobel Laureate Seamus Heaney says so well—but not without cause.5 I've worked for years—along with MoveOn members like you—so that Heaney's "tidal wave of justice" can "rise up." And this is our moment.

Defeating Trump, taking back the Senate, and helping to drive a progressive-wave election means a fully-functioning and liberal Supreme Court, for the first time in a generation. One that could overturn Citizens United and rein in corrosive big money in politics, protect a woman's right to choose, and stop voter suppression.

It means we could begin to take on devastating climate change.

It means a Congress we could push for free public higher education. Single payer health care. Universal child care. Gun control. A $15 per hour minimum wage. And so much more.

Will you chip in $2.70 now, so that MoveOn can expand its elections work?

Yes, I'm in.

Before I close, I need to make sure that you know that while I'm an optimist, I'm not insane. (At least, I think that's mostly true these days.)

I don't think the kind of changes you and I are working for will be easily wrought. It's magical thinking to imagine that President Clinton—or even a President Clinton with a very narrow Democratic Senate majority—will solve all of our country's challenges with a sprinkling of fairy dust.

That's why we're unlocking the most promising source of countervailing power in America—power that was tapped by Bernie's campaign, and power that MoveOn is harnessing now—through Election Day, and in the years to come. And that power is you. And millions of MoveOn members like you determined to reclaim, renew, and transform our American democracy by holding Hillary Clinton and all of our elected leaders accountable for working in our best interest.

What we do together today will leave us stronger for tomorrow.

Hell yes. Hell. Yes.

And about damn time, too.

Please. Chip in now—every dollar counts.

Thanks for all you do.

—Robert Reich

P.S. Here’s a loving message to the cynics among you. (And I've been there, so there's no judgment attached.) If you're cynical about our nation, then it could cause you to stop being involved. If you stop being involved—if you basically give up—then you’re giving up on our democracy. And if you give up on our democracy, you are ceding the entire shebang to the moneyed interests who would like nothing better than for all of us to surrender and go back to bed. We just cannot let them win. Please, be part of a progressive wave by chipping in $2.70 now. We need every progressive in America, joined together, to win.


1. "2016 General Election: Trump vs. Clinton," HuffPost Pollster, accessed August 24, 2016

2. "Democrats Have a 60 Percent Chance to Retake the Senate," The New York Times, August 24, 2016

3. "We asked 6 experts if Donald Trump's unpopularity will doom congressional Republicans," Vox, August 23, 2016

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5. "Seamus Heaney, Irish Poet of Soil and Strife, Dies at 74," The New York Times, August 30, 2013

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