Tuesday, December 12, 2017


We just helped elect Doug Jones, a civil rights champion—and a pro-choice, pro-health care, anti-Trump Democrat—to the U.S. Senate in Alabama!

Dear MoveOn member,

We just helped elect Doug Jones, a civil rights champion—and a pro-choice, pro-health care, anti-Trump Democrat—to the U.S. Senate in Alabama!

If we can win in Alabama, we can win anywhere. We can take back the House in 2018—creating a firewall to stop the Trump Republican agenda and hold Trump accountable—and we even have a pathway to take back the Senate, too.

But we have to get started right now. Will you chip in $3 to help make 2018 a wave election of historic proportions across America?

Yes! I'll chip in and help fund MoveOn's 2018 election program and help take back power.

Six months ago, if you'd asked me what state Democrats were least likely to turn blue, I probably would have said Alabama.

Doug Jones' victory in Alabama, along with the big wins up and down the ballot last month in Virginia, show that we can help build a genuine progressive wave. Over the next 11 months, we have a real opportunity to end Republican control in Washington, D.C., dramatically curtail Trump's ability to enact his hateful agenda and hold him accountable, and begin to enact the bold progressive policies our country needs.

But to do all of these things, all of us need to step up and meet this historic moment.

Can you chip in $3 to help power MoveOn's election work in 2018? Click here if you can.

No one thought that we could win this race. After all, Trump had won in Alabama by a nearly 30-point margin, and, until tonight, Alabama hasn't had a Democratic senator for 25 years.

But now, it's clear: Americans are rejecting the politics of Trump and his allies. The politics of hate, fear, division, corruption, and lies.

Winning back the House will require picking up at least 24 seats, but we'll need to focus our efforts on dozens more races to meet that goal. And with Doug Jones' victory in Alabama tonight, there's a real path to taking control of the Senate, as well. In fact, we now have to flip only two seats to take back power in the Senate.

To meet this historic moment with an unprecedented response, we will have to work harder. We will have to think bigger. Organize louder. And I know that we can. The elections last month in Virginia proved that. Tonight proved that.

I'm celebrating tonight, and I hope that you are, too. But I also hope that you will take this energy—this amazing energy happening right now—and turn it into action. We know that we can win; now, it is up to us to make it happen.

Will you chip in $3 and help MoveOn run a historic, unprecedented elections program?

Yes! I'll chip in and help power MoveOn's work to take back power in 2018.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Alex, Milan, Anne, and the rest of the team

P.S. MoveOn is nearly 20 years old. We're gearing up to implement one of our biggest election programs yet to help win back Congress. If enough MoveOn members chip in, this might become our biggest elections program ever. MoveOn was instrumental in taking back the House in 2006. Tonight's results show that we need to go big to compete in even more districts and fully take advantage of this wave.

We need to make this a wave election and wipe out Republican control of Congress. Are you in to help make that happen?

Yes, I'm in! I'll chip in $3 and help MoveOn win in 2018.

P.P.S. Over 40,000 MoveOn members in Alabama—and fellow MoveOn members around the country—poured their hearts into this election, and we should be very proud today. For details, you can read the memo we sent to the media earlier today, here.

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