Sunday, September 18, 2016

Help defeat Trump from your kitchen table

Using a new app, you can text hundreds of members in minutes to help get out the vote.

Dear MoveOn member,

Polls are tightening and Election Day is fast approaching. Here's how can you help secure victories up and down the ballot:

Join the MoveOn Text Team and help recruit volunteers to get out the vote in swing states!

MoveOn has launched a massive, volunteer-powered voter turnout campaign, with dozens of organizers getting to work in key states to support thousands of MoveOn members in talking to voters. In fact, there are already more than 100 neighborhood canvasses happening across the country this weekend.

But if we're going to get enough MoveOn members in the streets in critical swing states—where the presidential and Senate races are too close to call—then we'll need to do a lot of outreach.

This year, sending text messages to members to invite them to events has proven to be our best recruitment tactic. Using an app that makes peer-to-peer texting faster than ever—and doesn't cost a dime on your text messaging plan—we've gotten almost 50% of this weekends’ canvassers signed up by texting. 

So now we want to ramp it up and invite even more people to canvasses next weekend. But to do it, we'll need to triple the size of our Text Team by Tuesday.

Will you sign up to join the MoveOn Text Team right now?

It's a simple process. You'll sign up today and then receive an email with further instructions. After a short, self-guided training, you'll be invited to sign up for your first shift. In no time, you'll be texting MoveOn members and giving them an excellent opportunity to make a difference this fall.

We're doing everything we can to stop Donald Trump from setting foot in the White House—and to take on the racism, Islamophobia, misogyny, and authoritarianism he and his campaign have inflamed. Your membership on the MoveOn Text Team could be a valuable contribution.

Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Ann, Hannah, Stephen, and the rest of the team

P.S. Still not sure if this is the right team for you? Think about it this way: In just one hour, you could text 250 people who otherwise might not have heard about our canvasses—and every person you personally convince to show up will knock on at least 40 doors to talk to voters. That's a huge impact you can make by finding a comfortable seat and sending a few text messages and helpful replies.

Sign up for the Text Team here if you're up for it.

Want to support our work? Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "I'm so enthusiastic about MoveOn's smart and targeted plan to hire a network of organizers in key battleground states to mobilize and train volunteers to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors. It's bold and ambitious—and exactly what is needed to help swing Senate races, resoundingly defeat Donald Trump, and give Democrats a fighting chance to take back the House." Will you chip in to help make it all possible?

Click here to chip in whatever you can. 

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