Monday, September 26, 2016

Tonight's debate: Time to panic.

Is Trump going to somehow hold his ego in check, act like a normal human being, and thus soar over the insanely low expectations he's built for himself?

Dear MoveOn member,

I know exactly how you’re feeling.

The first debate is tonight, and you’re a ball of nerves. Your stomach’s in a knot. You’re compulsively checking the polls. And you're absolutely terrified by polling expert Nate Silver's new estimate that—if the election were held today—Donald Trump would have a 54.5% chance of winning.1

It’s called pre-debate anxiety, and it’s an affliction common among Democrats (and others) nationwide.

The good news: Although I’m not a doctor, I know how to help. Just click here to chip in $2.70 to MoveOn's get-out-the-vote campaign to defeat Trump, and you'll instantly feel better.

Let me explain.

That gnawing, fidget-inducing sense of barely-controlled panic about the debate? It has three causes.

The first is that you simply have no idea what’s going to happen. Is Trump going to somehow hold his ego in check, act like a normal human being, and thus soar over the insanely low expectations he’s built for himself? Or is he going to be a vicious, domineering jerk, pummeling Hillary Clinton with lies faster than she and the moderators can debunk them? Either one makes my blood pressure soar.

The second cause of pre-debate anxiety is that, whatever happens in the debate, you don’t know how it will play out. Remember the Republican primary debates? You’d watch and think, “Wow, Donald Trump is a repellent gasbag! It’s over!”—but then, somehow, his poll numbers would actually go up.

And then there’s the third cause of pre-debate anxiety: You don’t feel like you can do a thing about any of this.

That’s where MoveOn comes in. The only way to beat back those feelings is by doing something that will actually help. Something like, say, clicking here to donate $2.70 to help fuel’s massive get-out-the-vote campaign to elect Clinton and stop Trump.

Look: No matter what happens in the debate, we know that this election could be close. Right now, polls are very tight in the swing states that will decide this election. We know that every vote will count—not just for control of the White House, but for control of the Senate and the direction of the Supreme Court as well. The stakes couldn’t be higher.

And we know something else, too: We know that the work that MoveOn members will be doing—every moment between now and when the polls close on November 8—could make all the difference. MoveOn is hiring 100 organizers to coordinate tens of thousands of volunteers to knock on more than a million doors. That’s the most effective voter turnout strategy I know of. But it’s not free. As we enter the home stretch, every dollar is critical.

We can’t control the debate. But it’s entirely up to us to decide whether MoveOn’s operation will have the resources it needs. It’s a two-for-one: Treat your pre-debate anxiety and make a difference at the same time. Can you contribute now?

Yes, I'll chip in $2.70 right now to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.

Thanks for all you do.

–Senator Al Franken

P.S. Remember: I won my first campaign by just 312 votes. Now imagine: If a few less folks had volunteered or donated to my first campaign, I wouldn’t be be a U.S. senator writing you this message.

Don’t wake up the day after Election Day wishing you’d done more. Click this link right now and chip in $2.70 to MoveOn’s proven, effective, get-out-the vote program.


1. "Who would win the presidency today?," FiveThirtyEight, accessed September 26, 2016

Want to support our work? Senator Elizabeth Warren says, "I'm so enthusiastic about MoveOn's smart and targeted plan to hire a network of organizers in key battleground states to mobilize and train volunteers to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors. It's bold and ambitious—and exactly what is needed to help swing Senate races, resoundingly defeat Donald Trump, and give Democrats a fighting chance to take back the House." Will you chip in to help make it all possible?

Click here to chip in $2.70, or whatever you can afford.

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