Saturday, September 29, 2018

An important request

This is Robert Fox, MoveOn's numbers guy. I'm usually behind the scenes running our budget and operations and write MoveOn members just a few times a year with important updates.

Dear MoveOn member,

This is Robert Fox, MoveOn's numbers guy. I'm usually behind the scenes running our budget and operations and write MoveOn members just a few times a year with important updates.

I'll cut right to the chase: Midnight tomorrow marks both our end-of-month and end-of-quarter fundraising deadlines. But this is no ordinary end-of-quarter deadline—and no ordinary election. This is our final end-of-quarter deadline before Election Day. There are now just five days left before the Senate is expected to vote on Brett Kavanaugh's nomination. And there are just 37 days left to win the most important midterm election of our lifetimes.

In the midst of all this, we still need to raise $200,000 to stay on-budget. Which is why I need your help.

Eddie, will you rush a donation of $3 right now to help us meet our goal of raising $200,000 before midnight tomorrow night?

On September 30 in any other election year, MoveOn's team would be focused on nothing else but the election itself. In fact, I just looked at my records, and exactly two years ago, I sent MoveOn members an email detailing all of the work left to do before we went to the polls in 2016.

But this is not a normal election year.

Don't get me wrong, MoveOn has pulled out all of the stops and is working around the clock to defeat Republicans at the polls in 37 days. In fact, MoveOn is running our biggest midterm elections program EVER. But we have also had to dig deep into our reserves in order to mount a massive, critical, no-holds-barred campaign to stop Brett Kavanaugh from getting anywhere close to a seat on the Supreme Court and to be sure that we are ready to spill into the streets at a moment's notice if Trump undermines the Mueller investigation.

Our team spent all of last week (including nights and weekends) pushing tens of thousands of calls to offices of swing-vote senators, helping to organize last-minute rallies across the country in response to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's wrenching testimony on Thursday and churning out powerful videos and ads. On top of that, we have been preparing for the possible firing of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and maintaining the largest midterm election campaign in our 20-year history.

With the vote on Kavanaugh's nomination delayed a week so the FBI can complete an investigation, I anticipate hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional expenses as we extend our campaign until at least the end of the week to pressure key senators to vote the right way.

We have to walk and chew gum at the same time right now. We MUST stop Brett Kavanaugh—while also organizing the massive number of voters who have been galvanized to hold the Republicans who have blindly supported him accountable in November. I know that many of you have been giving, and giving generously, of your time, your money, and your energy. I wouldn't ask if it weren't so important.

This is a massive undertaking—bigger than we could have ever imagined. Will you dig deep and chip in $3 right now to help us meet our goal before tomorrow's crucial deadline?

As my boss Anna says to me, "MoveOn was built for this moment." In addition to our work to stop Kavanaugh and protect the Mueller investigation, it is up to us to play a pivotal role in making sure that Republicans feel the consequences of their actions on November 6th. It is not hubris or hyperbole to say that the work we do in the next 37 days could determine control of the House and Senate.

Here is just some of what our team has been doing:

  • Hosting weekly "Resist & Win" organizing calls, bringing together elected officials and movement leaders to talk to tens of thousands of MoveOn members, share their skills and expertise, and inspire all of us to stay involved and push even harder.
  • Coordinating hundreds of "Wave" volunteer events in critical swing districts, bringing thousands of MoveOn members together to volunteer directly for congressional campaigns en masse—making calls, knocking on doors, and providing the indispensable on-the-ground support campaigns need in order to succeed.
  • Running a cutting-edge voter persuasion project called Real Voter Voices—a program that allows MoveOn members to film short videos straight from their phones describing why they support certain candidates, and then utilizes sophisticated analytics to determine which voters are most likely to be moved by those messages, which allows our teams to create the most-impactful ads targeting the right people. Early tests of the program showed some very exciting results, which is why we are investing in rolling it out more broadly to increase its impact.

With only 37 days left until the election, we cannot afford to pull back on a single piece of our midterm election work, nor can we stop our emergency campaign to stop Kavanaugh. We need the resources to do both.

Please, click here and rush a contribution of $3 right now before tomorrow's midnight deadline, so we head into the final sprint of the election—and the final days to stop Kavanaugh—able to fight with everything we have.

This week has been unimaginably difficult and painful, but the strength and resilience of Dr. Blasey Ford, the sexual assault survivors who bravely confronted members of Congress like Jeff Flake to tell their stories, and the many, many more who have been reliving their experiences and standing in solidarity should give all of us the courage and conviction to push forward.

This is the final push. Will you join us?

Click here to chip in $3 right now.

Thanks for all you do.

–Robert Fox
MoveOn's Chief Operating Officer

Want to support our work? The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to resist Trump's agenda, contain the damage, defeat hate with love, and begin the process of swinging the nation's pendulum back toward sanity, decency, and the kind of future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us?

Click here to chip in $3, or whatever you can afford.

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