Saturday, September 1, 2018

Once in a generation

It may feel as though like our country is marching backward. But I've been part of the history of our country for a long time and have learned to look deeper, past the surface. And what I see now makes me incredibly hopeful.

Dear MoveOn member,

It may feel as though like our country is marching backward. But I've been part of the history of our country for a long time and have learned to look deeper, past the surface. And what I see now makes me incredibly hopeful.

In my beloved state of Georgia—where millions of us suffered violent attacks for demanding our right to vote—we stand poised to elect Stacey Abrams, the first Black woman governor of any state, ever.

That's why Republicans in Georgia tried to shut down multiple polling places in majority-Black counties right before the midterm elections.1

We've faced these attacks before—and we'll face more in the weeks ahead—but that won't stop us because we know the power of the vote, and we have a chance this year to use that power to elect Governor Stacey Abrams!

Will you join me in supporting Stacey Abrams, an incredible voting-rights advocate and a truly transformative leader who is campaigning to become the first elected Black woman governor in the history of the United States?

Yes, I'll chip in $3 right now to help Stacey Abrams win.

Stacey Abrams didn't grow up with much, but she worked hard, graduated from Yale Law School, and became the first Black woman ever appointed Democratic leader in Georgia's House. Stacey fights for justice because she knows personally the struggles that people are facing, and she fights for all of us, not just the few at the top.2 She knows how important the right to vote is for our democracy and even ran a nonprofit that registered more than 200,000 new voters.

Stacey is up against Georgia's Republican secretary of state, a man who embodies the worst characteristics of the president. A man who goes on TV and threatens to personally round up immigrants in his pickup truck.3 A man who single-handedly purged 600,000 registered voters from the rolls, a despicable attempt to steal this election for himself by disenfranchising Black voters.4

Imagine Stacey defeating this hateful man, and you will feel hopeful, too. Eddie, can you contribute $3 to Stacey Abrams' campaign and help to usher in a new era in the South and in this nation? 100% of your contribution will go to her campaign.

Yes, I'll chip in right now to help Stacey Abrams fight back, win, make history, and get things done for Georgia's working families.

Stacey embodies the dreams of my generation of civil rights leaders. I've watched her win battles no one thought were winnable. This battle is her toughest yet, but with your help, this is a battle that Stacey can win.

Georgia is changing: In the 2016 election, only a handful of counties in the country turned from red to blue, but half of them were in Georgia.5 As Stacey travels across the state, she is met with enthusiastic crowds from big cities like Atlanta to small, rural farm towns.

But the president and the GOP are fighting tooth and nail to stop Stacey from forever altering this Southern state. They know that Stacey's victory would loosen their grip on power. They know that Stacey would lead our country to a future so much better for all working people that we'd never want to go back.

Stacey will win if she can counter her opponent's voter suppression assault—and turn out people who don't usually vote but are energized by her historic campaign. She is building a grassroots effort unparalleled in Georgia's history, and I have no doubt that she can succeed, if she has our support.

I'm supporting Stacey Abrams with every fiber of my being. Will you join me and contribute $3 to her campaign?

Yes, I'm with you, Representative Lewis, and with Stacey Abrams!

Thanks for being a part of this.

–Congressman John Lewis of Georgia


1. "Brian Kemp's Bid for Governor Depends on Erasing the Black Vote in Georgia," Slate, August 17, 2018

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