Thursday, May 31, 2018

RSVP: Take action to stop Trump's family separation crisis this Friday

Help stop Trump's cruel family separation policy. Join a Families Belong Together action near you on Friday, June 1.

Dear MoveOn member,

Children are being taken from their families, kept in separate facilities, unsure of when or if they'll be reunited. This is the result of the cruel, new family separation policy that Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions have implemented. It's a traumatizing, abhorrent practice that can—and must—be ended immediately.1

That's why MoveOn members are joining neighbors, allies, immigrant leaders, and Americans of all walks of life at Families Belong Together actions this Friday to demand the Trump administration reverse this new policy immediately.

There's an action near you this Friday, June 1. Click here to get all the details, join the event, and share it with friends and neighbors to confront this humanitarian crisis.

U.S. immigration policies have been broken for years—and under Trump, attacks on immigrants have gotten worse. In fact, the Trump administration's assault on immigrants is only intensifying. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents have been ripping apart families and conducting terrifying raids, including staking out schools, churches, and courthouses.2

And Trump's own rhetoric makes clear his administration's agenda: From referring to "sh*thole" countries to calling immigrants "animals," Trump is riling up the xenophobic impulses of the darkest corners of America.

In the past week, the report of 1,500 migrant children "missing" from a survey of homes they were hosted in raised an alarm across the country—reminding the American public that children, who deserve to play and learn and thrive, are part of this unfolding humanitarian crisis of Trump's attacks on immigrants. 

The story of those unaccounted-for minors is complicated, but here's what's clear: Every day, as the Trump administration removes children as young as 2 years old from their families at the border, they are worsening a traumatizing and dehumanizing crisis. These are families coming to the border seeking asylum, safety, and entry, and they're granted due process by American law. Separating their children is simply a cruel and vindictive tactic brought about by an administration that is choosing to impose harm and deepen a crisis.

MoveOn members have been fighting alongside immigrant-led groups for years, and since Trump has taken office, together, we have been rallying to demand a resolution that will allow Dreamers and their families to remain in their homes and communities; promoting sanctuary cities that have chosen to respect and protect immigrant residents; calling out Trump's inhumane decision to end Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, Nepal, and other countries that had been devastated by natural, economic, and political disasters; and recently calling on the Department of Homeland Security to end this family separation policy.

And now we'll show up—MoveOn members of all races, ages, and backgrounds, all across the country—to demand, in person, that families stay together.

Click here to find, join, and share the Families Belong Together action near you this Friday, June 1.

There's no secret that our country—under Republican and Democratic administrations—have enacted policies that have criminalized and disrespected immigrants. Now, Trump is taking it to a new level: normalizing anti-immigrant language and contributing to a spike in anti-immigrant violence, slamming the doors on refugees and others seeking asylum, ripping record numbers of immigrants from their communities and brutally tearing apart families, and now targeting children.

We can and must do better. The Trump administration created this new family separation crisis—and it can be reversed as quickly, if Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life speak up and demand action.

Join us Friday in person—as we keep up the fight to declare that Families Belong Together.

Thanks for all you do.

—Corinne, Milan, Karine, Justin, and the rest of the team

P.S. Have you added your name yet to the petition—already signed by 72,000 fellow MoveOn members—to the Department of Homeland Security to end this policy? You can do so by clicking here—or if you've already signed, share it on Facebook or share it on Twitter.

P.P.S. Don't forget to RSVP for Friday's event.


1. "Hidden Horrors of 'Zero Tolerance'—Mass Trial and Children Taken From Their Parents," The Intercept, May 29, 2018
2. "Mass ICE Raids leave a trail of misery and broken communities," The Intercept, May 12, 2018

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