Wednesday, September 17, 2014

34,000 calls last night

MoveOn: Voters Rising
MoveOn members are off to an incredible start with this year's Voters Rising program. Together, we made more than 34,000 calls last night to progressive voters. But tomorrow, our goal is to hit 50,000. Can you join a shift and call voters from the comfort of your home tomorrow night? 

Yes, I'll Call from Home!

Dear MoveOn member,


That's how many calls MoveOn members made on our first full night of calling to get out the progressive vote. Incredible.

More than 3,000 voters picked up the phone, and out of everyone we spoke with, an incredible 85% pledged to vote for the progressive candidate this fall.

We're talking about Senate races that'll determine if Mitch McConnell calls the shots and starts forcing through a right-wing agenda as Senate majority leader—or if the Senate stays in Democratic hands for the next two years. And some races are so close that they'll almost certainly be decided by just thousands, if not hundreds, of votes (Al Franken, anyone?).

So here's our next challenge: Make at least 50,000 calls Thursday night. Are you in?

Yes, I'll call from home tomorrow!

MoveOn's most reliable callers are members like you—people who've picked up the phone before in pivotally important moments—whether it was to help mobilize campaign volunteers, turn out voters, or call members of Congress.

Now the progressive movement needs you again—for the final sprint toward November 4—starting this week. As of today, we officially have less than seven weeks to save the United States Senate from a Republican takeover.

That means we'll need callers willing to speak with voter after voter between now and Election Day to make sure they show up at the polls. Folks who join every calling shift they can, because this election is just that important.

Participating and making a real difference start with an easy first step. Just join one of our next calling shifts—tomorrow night at 5:30 or 8:30 p.m. ET—and see how it goes!

Will you sign up for one of tomorrow night's shifts and call from home?

Yes, I'll call from home!

Thanks for all you do.

–Matt, Nick, Joan, Stephen, and the rest of the team

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