Sunday, September 28, 2014

We've seen the Republicans' playbook

If we're going to beat the GOP despite their dirty tricks to keep voters from the polls—like a Koch brothers front group mailing the wrong voter information to hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians this week—then we need to double the pace of our phone calls to progressive voters. Can you sign up to call from home and help us meet our goal of making 300,000 calls this week?

Yes, I'll Call from Home

Dear MoveOn member,

It's as if the Republicans are showing us a chapter out of their playbook right now.

Here's how it goes:

1. First, pass a slew of discriminatory voter ID laws to keep likely Democratic voters home. So far, they've done this in 31 states.1

2. Then, in states where the anti-voting laws are challenged, rely on panels of federal judges appointed by Republican presidents to re-instate them. That's what happened this month when two judges appointed by President Bush, and one by President Reagan, made a late ruling that Wisconsin's voter ID law could be enacted this year.2

3. And lastly—perhaps the GOP's most sinister play—send misleading mail that fools residents into sending their voter registration applications to the wrong address. This play was uncovered just this week in North Carolina where it seems the Koch brothers' front group Americans for Prosperity is pulling out all the stops to unseat Senator Kay Hagan—even if it means hundreds of thousands of residents are prevented from voting.3

We already knew we were up against a lot this November—but if we ever needed a reminder, Republicans have certainly given us one.

The only way to overcome their tactics is by sheer people power. We need more people making more calls to make sure more progressive voters show up on Election Day. MoveOn members have already made 300,000 calls since kicking off our Voters Rising campaign two weeks ago. Now, we need to double our pace.

We've set a goal of making our next 300,000 calls this week—can you help by signing up today to make calls from your home? 

Yes, I'll sign up to call from home this week.

As for North Carolina, some people will try to tell you that the mailings sent out by AFP were an innocent mistake—that it's easy to get information mixed up. But here's the truth: AFP had spent more than $7 million by February running the worst kind of attack ads against Sen. Hagan.4

If they could pay that much to buy up expensive airtime on television—nine months before the election—then they could pay to make sure their mailings didn't have misleading information.

There are two possibilities here: AFP either meant to send those mailings with the wrong information, or they don't care enough about the potential consequences to pay to get it right. Neither is acceptable.

MoveOn is investigating every option possible to counter the ill effects of AFP's schemes in North Carolina—and we're doing the same in Wisconsin and other states under right-wing attack.

However, the single most important action that MoveOn members can take together in the next six weeks is to help win these critical elections and stop the Republican playbook from working.

We can do it if we hit our goal of making 5 million calls—but we have to double our pace. So can you sign up to make calls from home this week?

Yes, I'll sign up to make calls this week.

Thanks for all you do.

–Matt, Ben O., Joan, Nick, and the rest of the team


1. "2014 Voter ID Laws," Long Distance Voter, September 16, 2014

2. "Appeals Court Reinstates Wisconsin's Voter ID Law," Associated Press, September 12, 2014

3. "NC residents mailed incorrect voter registration information" The News & Observer, September 25, 2014

4. "Americans for Prosperity has already spent $7 million on ads against Kay Hagan. No, that's not a typo." The Washington Post, March 31, 2014

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