Sunday, September 21, 2014

Republicans are trying to rig the vote. Will you fight back?

If Republicans can't count on your vote, they'd rather you not be counted at all! Will you sign up to call progressive voters in key states this week and help get them to the polls? 

Yes, I'll call from home!

Dear MoveOn member,

In America, voting is supposed to bring us all together and make us equal as citizens of our great democracy. The right to choose our leaders is at the heart of what it means to be an American.

Try telling that to the Republican Party these days.

For the worst examples of anti-voting tactics designed to rig the system in favor of Republicans, look no further than Thom Tillis of North Carolina—a state criticized as "First in Voter Suppression" when he was leading the GOP-controlled state house.1 Or Republican officials in Iowa, where voter suppression schemes have run the gamut from illegal voter purges to anti-voting voter ID restrictions.2

It's outrageous. But here's how to fight back and make their anti-voting attempts backfire: get out the vote! This week, we're calling progressive voters in key states—including North Carolina and Iowa—to make sure they turn out at the polls.

Will you sign up today to call voters in these states this week—from your home?

Yes, I'll make calls from home.

No, I can't make calls, but I'll chip in $3.

It's no mystery why Republican politicians are trying to make voting harder. They're trying to run on deeply unpopular and irresponsible ideas—so they're targeting the very voters they think will support their Democratic opponents. It's insulting and disrespectful to our Constitution when they undermine the fundamental freedom at the heart of it.

These GOP schemes include requiring specific kinds of ID that they know many people just don't have because it takes time and money to get them.3 Taking away early voting opportunities. Hindering voter registration drives. And of course, pushing the fraud of "voter fraud."4

They're all designed with one goal in mind: if Republicans can't count on your vote, they'd rather you not be counted at all!

MoveOn members are fighting back. This Tuesday, on National Voter Registration Day, we'll be promoting the importance of being a voter—especially this fall with control of the U.S. Senate hanging in the balance.5 We'll also be reminding Iowa voters that Thursday is the first day when they can vote in person by absentee ballot.6

And this week, MoveOn members are making calls to get out the vote in key states where voting rights are under threat, including North Carolina and Iowa. They're also the states with close races where the outcomes could swing control of the U.S. Senate to the GOP.

Will you lend a hand this week by signing up to make calls from your home—or anywhere you have an Internet connection and a phone? 

Yes, I'll make calls from home.

No, I can't make calls, but I'll chip in $3.

It's bad enough when Republicans try to rewrite our laws to favor powerful corporate interests and the wealthiest few bankrolling their political campaigns. Koch brothers ring a bell? But it's especially galling that these politicians want to rig the vote, too—so that the system stays rigged in their favor.

This is our chance to make Republicans' attempts to cheat backfire. It's simple: we'll get out the votes of the Americans they wish weren't voting at all.

Thanks for all you do.

–Matt, Corinne, Mark, Ben W., and the rest of the team


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