Thursday, September 18, 2014

Huge breakthrough

We have a breakthrough strategy that could double the impact of our program to get progressive voters to the polls. This secret weapon needs to remain hidden from Republicans, but it really works. Can you chip in $3 to fund it?

Chip in $3

Dear MoveOn member,

Big news: MoveOn has a new weapon to save the Senate from a Republican takeover this fall. And it really works!

According to a recent field test, this new innovation could make our get-out-the-vote operations twice as effective as they were in previous years.

We'd love to tell you exactly what this secret weapon is. But we can't give it away in a mass email because the billionaire Koch brothers—who are spending $500 million this year to try to buy control of the Senate for the Republicans1—would love to know it too.

We can tell you this: In 2012, with MoveOn member support, we launched our first secret weapon program. Rachel Maddow hailed it as an innovation that's "tested ... and effective. And nobody else is doing it."2 And I know that, with your help, we can do it again, and bigger.

Can you chip in $3 to launch our "secret weapon" innovation and help us save the Senate? 

Yes, I'll help MoveOn save the Senate.

With our secret weapon, the same number of MoveOn volunteers, making the same number of phone calls, can turn out twice as many voters.

This discovery was made by the stats wizards at the Analyst Institute, whose data-driven approach helped elect President Obama. This isn't a new, unproven technology—it's a solid, data-driven strategy that will help turn out the folks who voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 but are likely to stay home on Election Day this year.

We expect that MoveOn volunteers will make 5 million phone calls to bring out these voters. And if we can implement this amazing new strategy along with these calls, our 5 million calls we'll make will have the impact of 9 to 11 million calls.

Can you chip in $3 to make a huge impact in this fall's election?

Yes, I'll chip in.

This brilliant new weapon may be a secret for now, but it's no secret that this election matters. And it's definitely not a secret that MoveOn has accomplished great things in the past because of its dedicated members—and that with your help, we can do it again.

Can you chip in $3 to help roll out this secret weapon, turbocharge MoveOn's elections work, and help us prevent a Republican takeover of the Senate?

Yes, I'll help out.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Nick, Manny, Kristin, and the rest of the team


1. "Exclusive: Inside the Koch Brothers' Secret Billionaire Summit," The Nation. June 17, 2014

2. "YOU were on Rachel Maddow's show!", February 2, 2013

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