Saturday, September 20, 2014

Biggest climate action in history

Dear MoveOn member,

The biggest climate action in history starts in less than 24 hours.

The centerpiece is a massive rally in New York City timed to coincide with the United Nations Climate Summit. At this meeting, leaders from around the globe could map out agreements and policies that will determine the future of our climate.

More than 500 buses of protesters are heading to New York. 29 marching bands will provide the soundtrack. 26 city blocks are being cordoned off for the march's line-up. 

At the same time, more than 2,000 People's Climate events are taking place in over 160 countries around the world—from Hong Kong to Buenos Aires and from New York to San Francisco.

Here's how you can join in this historic weekend: 

1. If you haven't RSVP'ed already, there's still time to join other MoveOn members at the march in New York City! Check here for more information on where and when to meet other MoveOn members. 

2. You can help spread the word about the biggest climate action in history by making your own "Walk the Walk" video. Click to make your own video or share your favorite.

3. If you're not attending, tune in to this livestream on Sunday morning to draw energy and inspiration from the People's Climate March in New York City.

Past climate negotiations have fallen short of the action we desperately need—but the stakes are too high to allow world leaders to fail us again.

We're teaming up with hundreds of allied organizations—including, the Sierra Club, Avaaz, the Energy Action Coalition, and Service Employees International Union—to make sure world leaders understand that there's an overwhelming public demand for a strong, solutions-based plan for our climate.

Climate justice has been a vital issue for MoveOn members for many years. We organized a virtual town hall meeting on climate change in 2008 that got all of the candidates for the Democratic presidential nomination on the record. We pushed for a major clean energy jobs bill in 2010; our efforts helped strengthen the legislation that eventually passed the House of Representatives. We've supported allies' and members' work to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, which has become a referendum on domestic climate change action. And MoveOn members have supported dozens of campaigns across the country to stop major dirty energy projects that would increase the carbon pollution accelerating climate change.

This is a long-haul fight—and I hope you'll join me in being a part of this important weekend.

Thanks for all you do.

–Corinne, Milan, Maria, Aiyi'nah, and the rest of the team

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