Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Call Now: Senate needs to #StopPompeo

Your senator is a key vote to block Trump's war cabinet and Pompeo's nomination to secretary of state. Your senator is a key vote to block Trump's war cabinet and Pompeo's nomination to secretary of state.

Dear MoveOn member,

Donald Trump's march to war continues. The illegal attack in Syria last week marks the latest in a series of moves that the Trump administration has taken toward aggressive military action.

Call Senator Charles E. Schumer now and tell him to take the first step in blocking Trump's war cabinet by voting no on Mike Pompeo's nomination for secretary of state.

Just weeks into the job, there are reports that newly appointed national security adviser John Bolton is encouraging Trump's worst warmongering instincts; battling against military advisors like Defense Secretary Jim Mattis who promoted restraint.1

Pompeo would be another "yes man" in the Trump administration, bringing our country closer to war. Pompeo has used his position at the CIA to politicize data and uses his influence to stoke conflict.2 Plus, he wants to roll back the successful Iran nuclear deal, throwing away years of hard work and diplomacy.3

Click here to call Sen. Schumer and tell him to vote no on Pompeo.

Sen. Schumer is a key vote in the Senate and voted for Pompeo when he was nominated to be director of the CIA. But several senators who voted for him as CIA director have said that the role of secretary of state is fundamentally different and they will vote against his confirmation.5 If all Democrats and independents stand strong against this nomination now—along with Senator Rand Paul, who opposes Pompeo, and Senator John McCain, who isn't voting—we can defeat his nomination.

Pompeo's record demonstrates that he is unfit to represent America to the world. Beyond his warmongering stance, he is also Islamophobic, a climate change denier, anti-choice, anti-LGTBQ rights, and in favor of torture.4 No Senator should endorse these hateful views being broadcast globally in our names.

That is why Senators Tim Kaine, Dianne Feinstein, Amy Klobuchar, and Brian Schatz have already declared that they will switch their vote and oppose Pompeo. Now we need Sen. Schumer to join them.

The vote on Pompeo is likely to happen next week. Act now: Click here to call Sen. Schumer and demand that he vote to #StopPompeo.

Thanks for all you do.

–Emma, Jo, Brian, David, and the rest of the team


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