Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Sign the petition re: Corruption at the EPA

Sign the petition to demand Scott Pruitt be fired from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dear MoveOn member,

I'm actress Piper Perabo, and I started a petition because Scott Pruitt is a stain on the Environmental Protection Agency, a drain on taxpayer dollars, bad for the environment, and should be replaced with someone committed to public service.

Scott Pruitt is corrupt. He wastes taxpayer dollars and is responsible for some of the worst environmental policy decisions in recent history. He must be fired.

I care deeply about the environment and believe the head of the EPA should be someone who is committed to protecting the planet.

Here are five reasons Scott Pruitt should be fired immediately.

1. In Pruitt's first year in office, he spent more than $105,000 on first-class flights.1

2. Pruitt paid a health care lobbyist, who is married to a fossil fuel industry lobbyist, $50 a night—a sweetheart deal in that neighborhood—for access to a condo just a block from the Capitol. He and his daughter stayed there on and off at a cost of more than $6,000, and it was used at times for Republican fundraising events. When authorities had to break down the door after he was mysteriously unresponsive one day, the EPA used taxpayer dollars to cover the $2,460 repair.2

3. Pruitt insisted on spending $42,000 taxpayer dollars to build a private phone booth in his office.3

Sign the petition if you want Scott Pruitt out of the EPA because of this corruption.

4. After being denied approval by the White House, Pruitt found a loophole via the Safe Drinking Water Act to give massive, taxpayer-funded salary increases to two of his favorite staffers (from $107,435 to $164,200 and from $86,460 to $114,590). It's part of the same workaround he used to hire chemical industry lobbyist Nancy Beck as deputy head of the Office of Chemical Safety and Pollution Prevention so she wouldn't need to sign an ethics agreement.4

5. Pruitt is destroying regulations to ensure clean air and water and is leading Trump's call to back out of the Paris Agreement, because he's long been tied to special interests.

Sign the petition calling on Scott Pruitt to resign or be removed from his taxpayer-funded post at the EPA.

The Washington Post editorial board said, "A swamp monster is running the EPA."5

The Los Angeles Times called for Pruitt to be fired and said: "He does not belong in public service. He's an embarrassment even to this administration. Which is saying something."6

The Concord Monitor said Pruitt "has never had the slightest interest in protecting the environment, has proven that he has as much contempt for ethics rules as he does the settled science of climate change."7

Add your name to this petition to get Scott Pruitt out of the EPA, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Piper Perabo


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