Wednesday, October 24, 2018

The arc of the moral universe is long (but we can bend it)

There are two possible scenarios ahead of us. Let me tell you about them.

Dear Eddie,

I'm not exaggerating when I say that the very future of health care in this country is at stake.

If Republicans keep control of the House, they'll keep trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act—and we might not be able to stop them again.

But if we can end Republican control of the House, we can stop their attacks dead in their tracks. And that's what MoveOn members are doing in district after district, state after state, for the next 13 days.

If you want to end Republican control of the House and protect our health care, click here to join your fellow MoveOn members in Woodside on Saturday to talk to voters directly about what's at stake.

Earlier this month I was with MoveOn members in Ohio and saw firsthand how thousands of MoveOn members are joining Waves—opportunities to talk to voters in the most important districts. Then I spoke to tens of thousands of MoveOn members on the weekly Resist & Win call. I talked a bit about the two possible scenarios that lie ahead of us. Let me recap:

What happens if Republicans stay in power in Congress? More attacks on the ACA, more attempts to reinstate lifetime caps, and more threats to people with pre-existing conditions. Oh, and more tax cuts for the superrich, while wages for the working class haven't gone up in 40 years.1

But what if we can end Republican control? Then they can't repeal the ACA. They can't take us back to the days when people with pre-existing conditions were denied coverage. And once we stop their attacks, we can start to chart the course toward the future we deserve: where Medicare for All is a reality and health care is a universal right for everyone in this country.

Which scenario comes to pass will be decided in the next 13 days. It will be decided by us, Eddie. If you're in, it's time to get engaged, hit the phones, and fight to end Republican control of Congress. Can you take action this weekend?

I'll be there! I want to campaign for a member-supported candidate near me on Saturday.

I didn't mince my words on the call two Sundays ago, and I won't mince them now: These are difficult times, and we can't pretend otherwise.

I also shared important words from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." And we must be the benders of the arc. We can bend the arc toward universal health care for everyone, starting with protecting the ACA and expanding Medicaid.

That's the choice that lies ahead of us in the next 13 days. Are you going to sit on your hands, ready to complain when Republicans stay in control? Or are you ready to get up, get out, and work?

If you want to see the ACA repealed, ignore this email. Just close it now. But if you want to see us move toward Medicare for All and a universal right to health care for everyone, click here to join MoveOn members at a Wave campaigning event near you in Woodside on Saturday.

Thanks for all you do.


Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ)


1. "For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades," Pew Research Center, August 7, 2018

Here is what Michael Moore has to say about MoveOn: "MoveOn is working around the clock to help organize and turn out volunteers to get out the vote in November. I know that MoveOn members like you are moving heaven and earth to win this election. We're the majority. But we need to rise up. That's the only way out of this mess." Will you chip in $3 a week to help win this election? (MoveOn will contact you shortly after Election Day to see if you want to modify or cancel your donation.)

Yes, I'll chip in weekly.

No, I'm sorry, I can't make a weekly donation.

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