Friday, October 26, 2018

We must reclaim our nation (this is how)

I've been a MoveOn member for years but I rarely write you directly.

Dear Eddie,

I'm actress Jane Fonda and—while I've been a MoveOn member for years—I rarely write you directly.

But this is the most important midterm election of my lifetime. I'm showing up to get out the vote—hitting the road in Michigan to stand with restaurant employees and other hourly workers and talk to voters about One Fair Wage, our campaign to raise the minimum wage and eliminate the sub-minimum wage for tipped workers. I'm teaming up with MoveOn to reach millions of fellow MoveOn members who have the two superpowers necessary to turn our nation blue on November 6.

Here is the first: You have the ability to hit the streets and phones in support of Democratic candidates for office---and to drive their campaigns across the finish line to victory.

There's an action near you in Woodside on Saturday. With only 11 days until Election Day, can you click here to learn more and sign up now?

Can't show up in person? You can still find other ways to engage all around the country—at doors, from home, in person or online. Click here to download a groundbreaking app that tells you which of your friends live in key districts and helps you make sure they vote!

We have something in common this election cycle: I've also hit the ground to talk to voters. Personally, I'm talking to voters in Michigan to stand with restaurant workers and allies who know they deserve a fair wage. Taking on the rigged system to create an economy that works for all of us—young and old, Black, brown, and white—is our focus everywhere this election as we fight to end control of Congress by a party that sides with billionaires and corporations.

Please, join me by letting your first superpower rip between now and until the polls close on Election Day. We can win a transformational wave of elections if we give the next 11 days our all.

Just click this link to know more about a powerful action in Woodside on Saturday, and please do everything you can to sign up and take part.

It's been hard for me to breathe in Donald Trump's America, because every day, more of what we cherish comes under attack.

I find myself holding my breath—waiting for the next wretched swipe from Trump or the GOP—at our health care or wages or environmental protections or immigrant rights.

What helps is re-grounding in the very thing that happens to be MoveOn members' second superpower: hope.

MoveOn members never give up, and I think it's because you've hung on to hope and a vision for the future that we can help win together.

Please take two minutes to find out more about a potentially breakthrough action in Woodside on Saturday, and please do everything you can to sign up and take part.

And if you can't make it out, you can still take action. Chances are, you have friends and family in critical swing districts across the country: Click here to download Outvote, an app you can use to help mobilize your network to get out and vote.

The ability to help drive the most effective organizing possible combined with unwavering hope and commitment.

Those are the superpowers we need to win on Election Day.

Thanks for putting them to work from now until November 6 by signing up right now—for all of us and the nation we must reclaim.

And thanks for all you do.

—Jane Fonda


Will you support MoveOn's efforts to win this election? Michael Moore says, "MoveOn is working around the clock to help organize and turn out volunteers to get out the vote in November. I know that MoveOn members like you are moving heaven and earth to win this election. We're the majority. But we need to rise up. That's the only way out of this mess." Will you stand with MoveOn?

Click here to chip in $3, or whatever you can afford.

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