Sunday, October 28, 2018

What do you know about our State & Local program?

Dear MoveOn member,

With just a few days left until the election, why are we sending you an email about a quiz? Because we know many MoveOn members are following the ins and outs of the news cycle, the latest polls, and the races that could tip power in Washington, D.C.—but let's see how much you know about the over 100 inspirational, dynamic, and diverse state and local candidates MoveOn members all across the country have endorsed.

In addition to endorsing 100 candidates to end GOP control of the House, MoveOn members have voted to endorse a diverse set of candidates that represent the communities they come from and embody deeply progressive values. There are candidates running for governor, all the way down the ballot to county commissioner and mayor—where they can make local progress that could have national impact. 

Take the MoveOn State and Local Midterm Quiz! And in doing so, get fired up to vote up and down the ballot in just 9 days!

Our endorsed state and local candidates are fighting for expanded access to health care, respect for immigrants, gun safety, better schools, clean water and air, and so much more. Here's a bit about a few of the incredible state and local candidates that we are proud to endorse: 

Candidates such as Emily Randall (Washington - Senate District 26), who knows firsthand the worry of having to pay for health care for a loved one and the life-saving value of Medicare for All. Growing up with a younger sister who struggled to live every single day, Emily and her family are deeply aware of what good government can do, especially with Washington State's expansion of Medicaid. It was only because of this that Emily's family could provide the care her sister needed for the 19 years she was alive. Now, she's running to make sure that no family—regardless of their income or financial situation—should go bankrupt or lose their home because they have been in an accident or have medical needs.

Candidates such as Deidre DeJear (Iowa - Secretary of State), who is a voting rights advocate who finds people who believe that their vote doesn't matter and helps them gain their power and voice through their vote. As statewide Obama coordinator, she organized and turned out 5,000 unlikely voters and worked to double the Black voter turnout in Iowa. Her primary focus, if elected as secretary of state, will be to increase voter registration and block any attempts at restricting access to voting, which have unfortunately been prevalent under the Republican incumbent. Deidre is running because knows that we have to harness the idea of casting our ballot not only for ourselves, but for our communities. 

Candidates such as Cara McClure (Alabama - Public Service Commission, Place 1), who turned personal hardship into opportunity when she started an apartment locating service to help individuals and families find their ideal homes. Throughout her lifetime, Cara has been a voice and advocate for the working poor, the homeless, and the forgotten and marginalized. Cara is running for Alabama's Public Service Commission, Place 1, a position that regulate the state's utility companies, because she knows it's not right that Alabama is the sixth-poorest state in the nation but has the second-highest utility costs. She's running to elevate the quality of life for everyone, because people shouldn't have to choose between paying for high-priced utilities, high-cost prescription medicines, or groceries. 

We want you to support these diverse and progressive champions up and down the ballot come Election Day. Want to test your knowledge of our incredible State and Local program and see what you already know or can learn about future, game-changing leaders who are going to upend conventional wisdom and power progressive change all across the country? 

Take the MoveOn State and Local Midterm Quiz! Then share it with friends to inspire everyone to get out and vote for game-changing candidates on November 6!

With our livelihood at stake under this administration, we are working every day to support state and local candidates who will protect communities under attack, fight for universal health care, and bring progressive ideas to their localities. We need candidates who will protect our right to vote, support and uplift communities of color, and advocate for equity for the most marginalized. Bring the blue wave to the state and local level by voting for MoveOn-endorsed candidates up and down the ballot. 

Test your knowledge, and share the quiz on Facebook to spread the word. And hey, make a commitment to vote for these incredible progressive champions!

Thanks for all you do.

Lisa, Beth, Isbah, Ryan, Arvin, and the rest of the team 

P.S. Here are some photos of our amazing members supporting our state and local candidates during our weekend of action in October. 


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