Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Can we send you a FREE "Blue Wave 2020" sticker?

To celebrate last night's historic victory, we've printed up a batch of Blue Wave 2020 stickers and we want to send you one for free. Want one?

Dear MoveOn member,

Last night, the past two years of hard work finally paid off: We ended Republican control of Congress and put up a real firewall to stop Donald Trump's agenda. To celebrate, we've printed up a batch of Blue Wave 2020 stickers, and we want to send you one for free. Want one?

Just click here to order your free Blue Wave 2020 sticker—while supplies last—and celebrate this historic moment with us!

Last night, we didn't just end Republican control of the House. We also elected incredible, history-making progressive candidates like Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, the first Muslim women ever elected to Congress; Deb Haaland and Sharice Davis, the first Native women in Congress; and Ayanna Pressley and Jahana Hayes, the first Black women ever elected to Congress in New England. These women and other progressive champions in the new Congress will protect our health care, defend our rights, and hold Trump accountable.

And that is only the beginning. Last night we took back power in the House. Next time, we will take back the Senate and the White House!

We want to celebrate last night's victory with you, Eddie.

Just click here to order your free Blue Wave 2020 sticker to celebrate this historic moment!

Thanks to our hard work together, we have more support than ever in our collective fight against Trump's worst attacks on immigrants, Muslims, women, people of color, and so many other groups. And, for the first time in Trump's presidency, we have a firewall in the government that can put a stop to Republican efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and give more tax breaks to billionaires.

Of course, there is so much more to do. 100 female representatives is an amazing milestone. But it is not enough. Our Congress should mirror the people of America. We will have to fight a reactionary Senate that lurched further rightward. We have so much work to do at the state and local level. And we will have to gear up for the fight of our lives in 2020.

But, no matter the challenges ahead, make no mistake: This is a HUGE VICTORY. And it's time to celebrate! Will you join us?

Click here to order your free sticker now, only while supplies last—and celebrate this historic moment with us.

Thanks for all you do.

–Kelly, Adam, Stephanie, Maria, and the rest of the team

Want to support our work? The MoveOn community will work every moment, day by day and year by year, to resist Trump's agenda, contain the damage, defeat hate with love, and begin the process of swinging the nation's pendulum back toward sanity, decency, and the kind of future that we must never give up on. And to do it we need your support, now more than ever. Will you stand with us?

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