Thursday, November 1, 2018

Electoral earthquake coming?

Incredible news: New polls released in the past week show that the biggest midterm gain since 1974's post-Watergate election could now be in reach. Previously safe Republican seats are now toss-ups.

Dear MoveOn member,

Incredible news: New polls released in the past week show that the biggest midterm gain since 1974's post-Watergate election could now be in reach.1

Previously safe Republican seats are now toss-ups. Governors' races in states that Donald Trump won by double digits are tied. Early voting in red states like Texas is showing young voters turning out in unprecedented numbers.

But to take back power resoundingly, we must compete everywhere. Which is why are expanding our map to significantly expand into dozens of congressional districts that weren't in play before but are in play at the last minute. And now, we need last-minute resources to fully fund that work.

Eddie, can you dig deep one last time and chip in $3 right now to take advantage of this incredible opportunity?

If we win the biggest midterm upset since 1974, it will change everything. If it happens, it'll be a shock wave to the political system. A total earthquake for the D.C. Establishment. A fierce rebuke of the Trump Republican agenda. And the beginning of the end for Donald Trump's administration.

A Republican wipeout election is an incredible aspiration. But let's be clear: The biggest wave since 1974 is no sure thing.

None of this is a sure thing. In fact, we still could lose. And whether we win, win big, or lose all comes down to the work we all do, together, to mobilize every voter we can over these final 120 hours until the polls close.

There is a ton we can do together in this final stretch: pounding the pavement to get out the vote, sending millions of text messages to voters, and volunteering in person and from home.

But the time to give MoveOn money to make a difference in this election is coming to an end. In fact, this is the very last MoveOn fundraising email you will receive before Election Day, before we make our final budgeting decisions.

This is your very last opportunity to chip in and propel our final sprint across the finish line. Will you make your final 2018 elections contribution to MoveOn now?

Yes, I'll chip in $3 one last time and help MoveOn's final sprint across the finish line!

MoveOn planned for a big blue wave. We invested in 106 House races, even more in the Senate and in state and local elections, and we are ready to push these candidates across the finish line.

But in order to win—and win big—we need to leave nothing on the field in these final five days. Here is what we have planned:

  • Pounding the pavement with waves of thousands of volunteers going door to door in the final weekend to make sure that voters who didn't vote in the 2014 or 2010 midterm elections show up this year to vote for our over 200 MoveOn-endorsed candidates.
  • Texting tens of millions of infrequent voters, making sure they get out to vote—a key strategy especially for young people who are less likely to answer the phone or who live in apartment buildings that canvassers can't get into.
  • Ramping up our proven-effective "Real Voter Voices" social media ad program, featuring 2,000 personal appeals from voters in 100 congressional races, so voters are hearing from people who look like them, live near them, and share their concerns. These videos have already been seen by 5 million people, and because of the new polling showing so many more races in play, we are expanding our program to dozens more districts in these critical final days.

This is our final sprint, and and this is the last time we will ask you this election: Will you chip in $3 right now?

Yes, I'll make one final 2018 election contribution to MoveOn.

Over the past few months, MoveOn members and our allies have moved mountains. We have flipped districts that Trump won by 20 points and have turned dozens of safely Republican districts into toss-ups.

We have helped propel inspiring, game-changing progressive candidates who, if elected, will fundamentally shift the makeup of local governments, statehouses, governorships, and Congress.

We have shown the power of the Resistance.

And now, everything comes down to this.

What happens on Tuesday will have impact for years to come, and everything we do between now and then matters.

We can't hold back one ounce of energy.

If we work for it, we may have the potential to drive the biggest electoral wave since Watergate. To loudly and clearly rebuke Donald Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress. To send a clear signal that the people have spoken. And build the kind of majority we will need to ensure that Trump's days in the White House are numbered.

Eddie, we're asking you one last time, and we won't ask you again before Election Day: Please make your final contribution of $3 to MoveOn's final push today.

The blue wave may be even bigger than we imagined—but only if we leave it all on the field in these final five days.

This is it. It is time for us to take one last deep breath, square our shoulders, and sprint to the finish line.

Thanks, so much, for all you do.

–Anna, Erica, Scott, James, and the rest of the MoveOn Elections team


1. Tweet from Dave Wasserman, October 31, 2018

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