Monday, January 12, 2015

Are you on board re: Warren?

We're racing toward our goal of 250,000 supporters encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run for president, but we need your voice.
Run Warren Run

Dear MoveOn member,

We're racing toward our goal of enlisting more than 250,000 supporters in the Run Warren Run campaign, but we need 22,781 more people on board in the next five days and, so far, we're missing your voice.

If we're going to convince Senator Elizabeth Warren that now is truly her time to run for president, she'll need to hear from eager grassroots supporters all over the country—and that's exactly what MoveOn members can provide.

Will you sign up today to help convince Sen. Warren to run for president in 2016?

Join the growing effort today—your name will be automatically added when you click here. >>

Sign the Petition Urging Sen. Warren to Run

Here's the case in a nutshell for why Sen. Warren should run:

  1. A contested primary for the Democratic nomination makes every candidate stronger, no matter who wins. It's better for the Democratic Party—and for our nation—to have a rigorous debate about the issues affecting American families. 

  2. Sen. Warren is a champion for the middle class and working families, and isn't afraid to stand up to Big Banks and other corporate interests—and that's exactly the voice and perspective we need in the presidential primary debate. 

  3. We're seeing evidence every day that Sen. Warren appeals to voters left, right, and center; in a focus group conducted last week by respected Democratic pollster Peter Hart, "voters agreed about one thing: Elizabeth Warren is one of the most intriguing contenders for 2016."1
  4. She doesn't have to leave the Senate to run. She's an electrifying leader in the Senate, and she doesn't actually have to step down to run. (Past senators haven't, and, if anything, their bids strengthened their Senate profiles.)

If we demonstrate to Sen. Warren that there's a significant, and growing, grassroots base urging her to run, we can help provide the encouragement she'll need to make the leap and launch a campaign. Don't forget that it was a grassroots, people-driven "draft Warren" movement that convinced her to run for the Senate in 2012.

We can do the same thing this year when it comes to the race for president, but it's going to take all of us joining together.

Will you click here to join the effort today and send a message to Sen. Warren asking her to run for president?

Thanks for all you do.

–Mark, Stephen, Corinne, Justin R., and the rest of the team


1. "The Warren Commission," Slate, January 9, 2015

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