Thursday, January 8, 2015

Did you see it?

This is what happens when you invite Elizabeth Warren to speak at a summit on raising wages for working and middle class families.
Run Warren Run
Elizabeth Warren at National Summit on Raising Wages

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Dear MoveOn member,

Senator Elizabeth Warren has done it again.

Yesterday, Sen. Warren headlined the AFL-CIO's first ever National Summit on Raising Wages, where she gave a blistering critique of "trickle down" economics and called for an economy that provides opportunity to every American—including the 90% of us who aren't Wall Street bankers or big corporations.

It was the kind of inspiring speech that we want in the presidential primary—with the rhetoric and vision of a strong candidate, and the policy detail of a real leader.

Every time Warren takes the stage at an event like this, she reminds us of one thing—we need her voice in the national conversation to help turn this country around for the rest of us. We need her voice in the debate if we're going to select a Democratic nominee worth fighting for.

That's why more than 190,000 people have joined the call so far asking Elizabeth Warren to run for president. We know that Sen. Warren would make a great candidate, but to convince her to run she needs to hear from as many of us as possible—and that's why we're making a push to get more than 250,000 signatures by next week. You've already added your name to the growing list—now, can you share the effort with friends?

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The Nation called Senator Warren's speech "important and revealing"1—and here are a few quotes from the Senator herself:

"The trickle down experiment that began in the Reagan years failed America's middle class."

"If we are ever going to unrig the system, then we need to make some important political changes... We know that democracy does not work when Congressmen and regulators bow down to Wall Street's political power. That means it's time to break up the Wall Street banks and remind politicians they don't work for the big banks, they work for us!"

"It wasn't always this way and it doesn't have to be this way. We can make new choices. We can make different choices. Choices that put working people first. Choices that aim toward a better future for our children. Choices that reflect our deepest values. This is up to us."2

Those words—and her leadership in creating the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, skilled legislating in the Senate, and so much more—are the reason MoveOn members are lining up to fight with Senator Warren in early primary states like Iowa and New Hampshire, as well as across the country.

It's been just a few weeks since members first launched the Run Warren Run campaign. Now, if we can reach more than a quarter million signatures in the next week, it'll mark a huge milestone for us and show Sen. Warren that there's a growing grassroots movement ready for her to jump in the race.

Will you click here to ask your friends to join our effort urging Senator Warren to run for president?

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Ben W., Bobby, Maria, and the rest of the team


1. "Elizabeth Warren Just Gave a Really Important—and Revealing—Speech" The Nation, January 7, 2015

2. "WATCH: Elizabeth Warren's powerful speech to the AFL-CIO,", January 7, 2015

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