Thursday, January 15, 2015

Will you join millions of Americans against Citizens United?

January 21 marks the 5th anniversary of Citizens United, the Supreme Court decision that has allowed corporations to spend nearly unlimited amounts of money to buy political elections. MoveOn has teamed up with Common Cause, Free Speech For People, People For the American Way, and Public Citizen to gather 5 million petitions signatures from Americans who condemn Citizens United. But we only have until January 21 to reach our goal: Will you sign the petition now and help get money out of politics?
Dear MoveOn member,

I'm Rio Tazewell of the organization People for the American Way, and I started a petition to the United States Congress, which says:

I add my name to the millions of Americans calling on you to support and pass a constitutional amendment to ensure lawmakers have the authority to protect the voice of the voter from getting drowned out by big money, and place common sense limits on corporate, special interest and big donor influence in elections.

Five years ago this month, on January 21st, the Supreme Court handed down its infamous Citizens United vs. FEC decision, threatening to tear apart the fabric of our democracy by granting powerful corporations and wealthy donors unfettered influence in our political process. That decision paved the way for unlimited corporate political spending.

Fortunately, since Citizens United, a vibrant grassroots movement has formed calling for a constitutional amendment to limit the influence of big money in politics. More than 600 towns and cities, 16 states, and 200 members of Congress have gone on record in favor of amending the Constitution. In September of this past year the United States Senate debated a proposed amendment for a full week, with 55 senators voting to advance the Democracy for All amendment that would overturn decisions like Citizens United and McCutcheon.

Now, together with more than 50 organizations, People For the American Way, and our partners at Common Cause, Free Speech For People, and Public Citizen, are working to gather five million petition signatures calling for an amendment. So far we have already gathered more than 3.7 million signatures. 

These millions of petitions can help create a powerful story—and a call to action—that can be shared with members of Congress, the media and general public.

Will you add your name today?

Click here to add your name to this petition, and then pass it along to your friends.


–Rio Tazewell

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