Saturday, January 17, 2015

Run Warren Run may be coming to Inwood

Today, Run Warren Run launched in New Hampshire with more than 100 supporters, as well as local and national news. Will you help with a kickoff event in Inwood?
Run Warren Run
Run Warren Run launches in Iowa. Is your town next?

Reporters from a dozen media outlets, from The New Yorker to the Concord Monitor, were on hand to cover today's Run Warren Run launch in New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary. When MoveOn members host a weekend of Run Warren Run house parties in two weeks, we'll have a chance to bring the campaign to Inwood too. Will you help out by hosting a Run Warren Run party in your neighborhood? (Don't worry, you don't have to invite the media!)

Yes, I'll host a house party!

Dear MoveOn member,

In December, Run Warren Run kicked off in Iowa. Today, we launched in New Hampshire—with a packed room of more than 100 Granite Staters all chanting, "Run, Warren, Run!"

In two weeks, we'll have a chance to kick off the campaign to urge Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president in Inwood.

On Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1, all across the country, MoveOn members and our partners at Democracy for America will be hosting Run Warren Run house parties—friendly gatherings with other folks who care deeply about our country—to plan the next stages in our grassroots campaign.

This is our moment to demonstrate to Elizabeth Warren that she has the support she needs to run for president and win. If we can pull this off, it'll show everyone—including the media, which has been closely tracking this effort—that our movement continues to gain strength by the day.

You can play a pivotal role in this important weekend of house parties—and help Run Warren Run kick off in Inwood—by signing up to host today. Are you in?

Yes, I'll sign up to host a house party January 31 or February 1.

Here's our plan:

  1. We'll hold house parties the weekend of January 30—February 1. (Yes, the Super Bowl is on that Sunday—which is a great excuse for a Run Warren Run Super Bowl Party!) This marks exactly one year from the first presidential primary in 2016.

  2. At the parties, we'll get to know each other, share stories of why we want Elizabeth Warren to run for president, and then we'll turn to action.

  3. We'll help invite others to your party, if you'd like. With personalized assistance from MoveOn's super volunteers known as Support Corps, and a step-by-step agenda prepared for you by our national organizers, you'll have a great event.

Together, we can show Sen. Warren that there's a growing, grassroots base in communities in every part of the country—red, blue, and in between—that agrees with her that we need to stand up to Wall Street and the corporate interests that have rigged our government in their favor.

We can show Elizabeth Warren that we want her to run for president, and will be there to support her if she does. It's a critical message that she needs to hear if she's going to get in the race—and it's up to us to get it to her.

So will you join in today by hosting a Run Warren Run house party Jan. 31 or Feb. 1? You could be the reason that a surge of people from Inwood join the Run Warren Run movement.

This part's important to remember: Your event doesn't have to be huge. You can host it at home, in a library, or a community center—wherever you feel comfortable. And as for attendance, we'll email MoveOn and Democracy for America members in your area inviting them out to join. That's in addition to the friends and family that you invite.

We're coming off a momentous week for Elizabeth Warren, with news that Wall Street banker Antonio Weiss had withdrawn himself from the nomination process for a top Treasury post—thanks in large part to Sen. Warren's leading opposition. It was further proof of Sen. Warren's growing influence in Washington and the power of her ideas.

We need those ideas—and her voice—in the presidential primary. Hosting hundreds of house parties in two weeks will help us keep Sen. Warren in the news, continue demonstrating the growing support for a Warren candidacy, and have fun with other MoveOn and Democracy for America members while doing it.

Click here if you want to host a Run Warren Run house party on Jan. 31 or Feb. 1. Remember, we'll give you everything you need to have a great time.

Thanks for all you do.

–Alejandro, Victoria, Joan, Josh, and the rest of the team

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