Thursday, January 15, 2015

*** Official 2015 Member Survey ***

Please share what you want to commit to this year—what fights you want to pick, what lines in the sand you want to draw, and what dreams you want to help manifest.
Dear MoveOn member,

Next Tuesday, President Obama will deliver his annual State of the Union address. It's the president's chance to think big about what's possible for our country. And it's a moment for us to think big as well—about our dreams for our country and our priorities for the year ahead.

Will you take a few minutes to share your hopes and priorities for 2015, and help us steer MoveOn's focus and resources this year?

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This is a remarkable political moment. The 2014 midterm results were a serious setback—but since then, we have heard MoveOn members everywhere recommit themselves to the fight for a better America. 

And we've also seen encouraging signs from some national elected officials. President Obama has shown his willingness to take bold action, from immigration to climate change to expanding access to community college. Progressive Democrats in the House and Senate, led by champions like Elizabeth Warren, have been taking energetic and principled stands against Wall Street and for working families and the middle class.

Even in a difficult political moment, there are rays of light—opportunities where our work can make a difference.

Help us identify where you'd like to direct MoveOn's work this year, where you see opportunities to make critical progress for our communities and our country.

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There's a lot we could take on: fighting for a just economy, combating corporate special interests, preserving access to affordable health care, protecting Social Security, promoting international diplomacy, combating climate change, and much more.

And unlike some years, we're starting with one significant commitment already going strong: we're encouraging Senator Elizabeth Warren to run for president, and we're boosting her message of economic opportunity. This campaign is already having a transformative effect in Washington, and it could reshape the presidential race.

This is a big campaign—and MoveOn members are making it happen with their time, energy, and donations.

But as a a community of millions of members, we need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time—to work on multiple big issues in one year. Together, we can accomplish what our members are most passionate about. But we do need to make some decisions about what to prioritize.

Please share what you want to commit to this year—what fights you want to pick, what lines in the sand you want to draw, and what dreams you want to help manifest.

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After we get all the responses, we'll put together a report on MoveOn members' priorities and share a copy of it with the White House, congressional leaders, and the media before the State of the Union address—so they know what progressives are focused on as we kick off 2015.

Of course, every MoveOn member will get a copy as well.

Click here to participate in the survey.

Thanks for all you do.

–Anna, Milan, Matt, Bobby, and the rest of the team

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