Saturday, January 24, 2015

Put Inwood on the map for Sen. Warren

Next weekend, Run Warren Run is launching at house parties all across the country. Can you host a party and put your town on the map?
Run Warren Run
Run Warren Run is launching at house   parties all across the country. Is your town on the map?

Next weekend, supporters across the country will gather at Run Warren Run house parties, in the next stage of this grassroots campaign to encourage Sen. Warren to enter the presidential race, and we need all hands on deck to pull this off. We still need someone to host a party in Inwood. Can you step up and share Sen. Warren's story with your hometown?

Yes, I'll Host a House Party!

Dear MoveOn member,

We're just one week away from one of the most action-packed weekends of 2015. And I'm not talking about Super Bowl Sunday.

Next weekend, MoveOn members and our friends at Democracy for America and Ready for Warren will be hosting Run Warren Run house parties in cities large and small, to kick off the next stage of this inspiring grassroots campaign.

Already, more than 150 gatherings are being planned to introduce Run Warren Run to their neighborhoods and to demonstrate to Senator Elizabeth Warren that she has the broad support she needs to run for president and win. We're getting close to holding house parties in every state in America.

If we can pull this off, it'll show everyone—including the media, which have been closely tracking this effort—that the movement to draft Sen. Warren has growing support all across the country. 

To go big, we still need someone to host a party in Inwood. Can you sign up now to bring Run Warren Run to your hometown?

Yes, I'll put Inwood on the map and sign up to host a Run Warren Run house party January 31 or February 1.

These house parties are a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, spend time with old friends and colleagues, share snacks, and get loud and excited about what would be possible in our country with Sen. Warren as president—whether or not the game is on in the background.

Hosting a Run Warren Run house party is easy and fun. We'll set you up for success by sending you a step-by-step guide, prepared by our national organizers, on how to host a great party. Plus, we have a team of amazing volunteers on standby who'll work with you one-on-one to make sure you have everything you need for your event.

If we're going to build a grassroots army strong enough to stand with Sen. Warren and take on Wall Street all the way to the White House, we need to get active and talk to our neighbors in every city, county, and state around the country.

There's just one catch: We still need a volunteer in Inwood to kick off the Run Warren Run campaign there. Are you in?

Yes, I'll sign up to host a house party next weekend.

Thanks for all you do.

–Alejandro, Mark, Justin K., Corinne, and the rest of the team

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