Friday, October 31, 2014

Grrrrr! My brain!

Grrrrrr! This is driving me crazy. My brain feels like it's splitting in half right now.
Dear MoveOn member,

Grrrrrr! This is driving me crazy. My brain feels like it's splitting in half right now.

After this email, what we want to do is completely stop fundraising and move 100% of our staff and energy into getting out the vote.

Here's the problem: Our get-out-the-vote program is still $104,000 short. And until we close that gap, we have to keep writing fundraisers.

What makes this extra maddening is that if we could focus completely on turning out progressive voters for the final stretch, we think there's a real chance that we could prevent a GOP Senate takeover. Unfortunately, we can't pay for our elections program with a sense of urgency—we have to use actual money.

Please: Chip in $3 now. Will you make this the last MoveOn fundraiser of the election season, so we can zero in completely on getting progressives to the polls on November 4?
Believe me: I'd much rather be organizing voters right now than writing this email. Here at MoveOn, we're pretty much eating, sleeping, and breathing this election. And what we're seeing is a wild toss-up, where control of the entire Senate is likely to come down to a few votes in a handful of key states.

At least five states are within the polling margin of error.1 In that kind of situation, person-to-person voter contact can make all the difference in the world.

And that's exactly where the $104,000 we need to raise will go: not to TV ads or yard signs but into our voter calling program. We need to make 2 million more calls in the next five days to hit our goal. And we think we could do it ... if it's the only thing any of us think about—and the only thing we send emails about—from now until Election Day.

Make this the final fundraiser. Take money off of our minds. Can you chip in $3?
MoveOn's staff is tiny—less than 30 people. And most of us, including me, are generalists: We help with whatever's most important. But for the past couple of months, we've had a special team carved out of the staff, dedicated to fundraising for our multimillion-dollar elections push.

We've had a blast working together. We also love hearing each other on conference calls. But seriously: It's time for the fundraising team to shut down.  

All of us want to help get out the vote—and we're SO CLOSE to meeting our final fundraising goal, it's driving me crazy! If we hit the goal, this will be the last fundraiser of the election season. Will you chip in $3?

Yes, I'll dig deep and help MoveOn save the Senate.

If we hit our goal with this email, then tomorrow's call will be the final one. We'll give each other a virtual high five—and then our voter mobilization team will go into turbo mode.

And the day after the election, whichever way things go, we'll all know we did everything we could. That'll feel great. And actually saving the Senate—well, that'll feel even better.

The election's just 100 hours away. Can you chip in $3 now so we can shut down the elections fundraising team, turn our attention to voter contact, and give it everything we've got?

Yes, I'll chip in.

Thanks for all you do.

–Ilya, Manny, Anna, Justin K., Mark, Ben W., and the rest of the (soon-to-be-dissolved-with-your-help) elections fundraising team

P.S. Once you've chipped in, we don't want you to think about fundraising anymore either. Click here to sign up for a shift calling potential progressive voters in swing states! There's no better way to work off your Halloween-candy energy than a weekend of calling voters and reminding them about November 4.


1. "TPM Polltracker," Talking Points Memo, accessed October 30, 2014. 

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