Sunday, October 26, 2014

One grandfather's plea to you

As a father of two daughters, and a grandfather of six, I've become acutely aware of one of the biggest problems facing our country today.

Dear fellow MoveOn member,

As a father of two daughters, and a grandfather of six, I've become acutely aware of one of the biggest problems facing our country today—it's an economic problem, and it's an equal rights problem. Women in this country deserve equal pay for equal work, period.

In the past three weeks, I've become one of MoveOn's top callers in the Voters Rising campaign, and I'll tell you why: I'm willing to fight for what I believe in and, right now, I think the most important thing we can do is protect the Senate from being run by ultra-conservatives who'll make it even harder for women to get a fair shot.

I know you have people you love too. And a Republican-controlled Senate will do harm to their futures—not just by backsliding on equal rights, but by stacking the economy even more dramatically against working people, polluting our environment, and defunding education and social services.

The bottom line is that Republicans controlling the Senate will hurt us all. So I hope you'll consider joining me on the Voters Rising campaign and helping turn out progressive voters—if only for a little while.

Click here if you can give just 90 minutes—the average amount of time that volunteers are calling—to help keep the Senate blue.

Let me tell you—I've seen enough elections to know that anything can happen between now and November 4. I also know that as unpredictable as politics can be, one thing remains consistent—volunteering makes a difference.

I joined MoveOn more than six years ago when they first endorsed Barack Obama for president. Over the years, I've stood alongside other MoveOn members to fight the Keystone XL pipeline, and to try to recall Scott Walker in my home state of Wisconsin.

Here in Dallas, I've pushed for an equal pay agenda by working with a number of groups to put pressure on private companies like Exxon and Hallmark.

Now, I'm focusing my attention squarely on saving the Senate—and, frankly, MoveOn couldn't have made it any easier to make a difference. Everything about the system we're using to call voters is excellent. It dials for you, only connects you with live voters (maybe an occasional answering machine), and the team gives you plenty of support.

That's why I don't have any problem asking for your help right now—because I know your time will be well-respected, and that every hour you give will make a difference.

I'm signed up to make calls again this Monday at 5:30 p.m. ET. Will you join me? There are also lots of other times available.

Click here if you're ready to sign up for a shift today. Remember, you don't even have to leave your home to participate.

Honestly, I think MoveOn's goal of making 5 million calls is pretty ambitious—a little crazy, even. But I love that we're willing to set such a high goal and take the chance that we may fail. Because I can't tell you how this thing will end up. But I can tell you, if I live for the next 10 years and we don't have a change, we're in for some tough times.

Thanks again for all that you do.

–John Fitschen
Dallas MoveOn member

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