Monday, October 27, 2014

Ouch: Major blows against Mitch McConnell's campaign

With McConnell's campaign on the ropes, will you sign up to help deliver the finishing blows?
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Can you join in and call voters this week to make sure they vote on Election Day?

Dear MoveOn member,

"Desperate, Mitch?" 

That's what comes to mind after hearing that Senator Mitch McConnell just cut his reelection bid a $1.8 million check.1 It comes on the heels of a new poll showing him up by only one point—essentially tied with the Democratic candidate.

Now this: yesterday, the two largest newspapers in Kentucky, The Courier-Journal and the Lexington Herald-Leader, snubbed McConnell and endorsed his opponent.2,3 Ouch.

It's clear: Mitch McConnell's campaign is on the ropes. Will you sign up to help deliver the finishing blows—to his campaign and those of his Republican allies trying to take over the U.S. Senate—by getting out the progressive vote? With just 8 days left until Election Day, there's no time to waste.

Yes, I'll sign up to phone bank from home and get out the progressive vote.

Among the reasons to ditch Mitch? Here are some choice quotes from the scathing newspaper anti-endorsements: 

  • "He commands a perpetual-motion money machine; dollars flow in, favors flow out."
  • "The problem is how McConnell uses his power. He has repeatedly hurt the country to advance his political strategy."
  • "Kentucky needs a U.S. senator who sees a higher calling than personal ambition and a greater goal than self-aggrandizement."
  • "He poses as a champion of the right to criticize the government, but it's really his rich buddies' right to buy the government that he champions."

Besides the fact that McConnell's got $1.8 million lying around to lend to himself, one of the biggest problems is that he's been abusing his elected Senate position for decades. Just take a look at how he refuses to vote for a modest increase in the minimum wage for Kentucky's working families—even though he's voted to give himself pay increases on taxpayers' dime. 

Elected leaders are supposed to look out for the people, not themselves and certainly not just the wealthy and well-connected few. 

And really, as a new exposé in The Nation details, McConnell is a politician who'll say and do almost anything for his powerful corporate patrons, including the tobacco lobbyists he thanked for gifting him a "beautiful ham."4 

Mitch McConnell has no business holding public office. Will you pitch in during the final 8 days to retire him permanently and save the Senate from a takeover by his Republican allies?

Yes, I'll make get-out-the-vote calls from home.

Our proven, high-impact get-out-the-vote plan is already working. Together, MoveOn members have already made more than 2.5 million calls to voters in key states, including Kentucky. That's incredible! And in the final sprint to Election Day, members will again call into Kentucky to help defeat Mitch McConnell and into other key states so we can deny Republicans the Senate majority they're desperate to win at any cost.

Can you join the effort to ditch Mitch and save the Senate? 

Yes, count me in!

In the final 8 days, your outreach to progressive voters who might not otherwise vote could make all the difference in the world. Please sign up today.

Thanks for all you do.

–Matt, Mark, Corinne, Victoria, and the rest of the team


1. "Mitch McConnell cuts himself $1.8M check," Politico, October 24, 2014

2. "Endorsement: Alison Grimes for Senate," The Courier-Journal, October 26, 2014

3. "Elect Grimes to Senate for a better future," Lexington Herald-Leader, October 26, 2014

4. "Mitch McConnell Will Say Anything for a Ham," The Nation, October 21, 2014

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