Saturday, October 18, 2014

We're coming down to the wire

You can help get women voters to the polls and save the Senate from a GOP takeover.
MoveOn:   Voters Rising

Will you sign up to host a call party next weekend to help get women voters to the polls?

Dear MoveOn member,

In 2012, the GOP's so-called "war on women" was as plain as day. From ridiculously offensive comments about "legitimate rape" to high-profile attacks on Planned Parenthood, it was hard not to understand that the Republican Party's core beliefs and policies were terrible for women.

After the election, even GOP leaders realized they had a problem. Their solution? Market themselves differently this year. While some candidates are desperately avoiding questions about women's health, others have invented bogus talking points about contraception or fair pay.

Let's be real. The GOP's attitudes towards women, and the policies they'll push if they gain more power, are as awful as ever. From control of women's bodies to equal pay for equal work, the GOP's stuck in 1950 (or worse).

And if women voters don't see through their deceptions and, instead, stay home on November 4, we're all in serious trouble.

That's why, as part of our massive get-out-the-vote program, we'll spend next weekend calling hundreds of thousands of women voters in key Senate states from fun, friendly call parties hosted by MoveOn members. We have the voter lists, the technology—now we just need some folks to step up and host the parties!

Will you sign up to host a call party next weekend? We'll provide all the materials you'll need and help recruit other MoveOn members.

Yes, I'll host a call party to get women voters to the polls.

This election season, a handful of votes in just a few states will have outsized impact on you as they determine which party controls the Senate.

Republicans need to win six Senate seats to take control of the chamber. Of the states that polls show are still in play, eight are in Republican strongholds that Mitt Romney won in the last presidential election. Yet Democrats are managing to keep several races down to a 1—3% difference between the candidates—and women voters are the key reason why.

On a generic ballot, Republicans enjoy a nine-point advantage among men voters, but Democrats enjoy a 10-point advantage among likely women voters.1 The problem is that this year, as it has in past midterm years, women voters' turnout is expected to fall. That's where you come in.

By hosting a house party, you'll be providing a space for MoveOn members to come together and make a difference for the future of our country by getting a critical block of voters to the polls. President Obama can't be expected to veto every dangerous bill Republicans send to his desk if they're in charge for the next two years.

But by calling hundreds of thousands of women next weekend, we can help stop them from gaining control in the first place. So, will you host a call party next weekend to help get women voters to the polls?

Yes, I'll host a call party next Saturday or Sunday.

Thanks for all you do.

–Victoria, Corinne, Ben W., Kristin, and the rest of the team

P.S. Just because we're calling women all weekend doesn't mean these parties are exclusive. Issues like fair pay, access to health care, and reproductive rights are important to all of us. So, click here to sign up if you're ready to host a call party next weekend.


1. "Joni Ernst faces big problem in Iowa Senate race: women voters (+video)," The Christian Science Monitor, October 17, 2014

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